Is this safe – Pure O2 ?

Q:I am thinking about buying some cannisters of O2 but have heard from other people this can cause serious health problems!!Is it safe? Follow the link to view the product itself:!
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I have heard that too much pure O2 can kill you. You lungs get dependent on it.
O2 is very unsafe in a pure form
No, it’s not safe. It’s pure oxygen.
No, pure O2 will kill you because in your case there will be 100% when normally, would be 21% or about this number in the air we breathe.
i give people pure O2 all the time, and many times they come back to life from it.Pure O2 is perfectly safe….basically there is 21 % in the air normally, you will have 100%.
yeswhat do you think they give patients in hospital DUH
Oxygen is not safe in extreme amountsYour body needs oxygen to function , therefore you breath without thought…i e your body needs and reacts accordinglyhowever if you have too much oxygen you will no longer ‘need’ to breath and you could stop breathing. ( try hyperventilating and see what happens )You would breath consciously..assuming you are alert, but what if you were drunk or deeply asleep and had too much ? BTW oxygen is NOT flammable , it feeds fire. It will not burn on it’s own but will make a flame bigger and yes heat in any canister would cause an explosionI have known coad patients on home oxygen that smoked and it didn’t go bang ! however i would not recommend it
Great with a cigarette.
As much as we need oxygen to live. Pure oxygen is toxic.
Pure oxygen is completely safe to breathe. It is, in fact, the only gas that the human body actually uses productively when breathing. It is not harmful. It is not toxic. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.Unless your body is not getting enough oxygen normally, however, there is absolutely no reason to breathe pure O2 and there is at least one good reason not to.The atmosphere contains about 19% oxygen. Your body isn’t actually very efficient at getting oxygen from air. Even in a 100% oxygen environment, you can only take in about 20% of the oxygen you breathe. That means that you are getting almost the same amount of oxygen breathing pure 02 as you would breathing normal air. There is no difference.Oxygen is burned by your cells almost the same moment you breathe it. That means that even if getting your cells more energy actually makes a difference (it doesn’t), the beneficial effects last only so long as you are breathing it and stop the moment you take off the mask.For the very small reward oxygen may give you, there is one very big risk: OXYGEN IS EXTREMELY FLAMABLE.Pure oxygen turns a fire into an explosion. It turns inflamable materials into extremely unstable ones. It turned the velcro in Apollo 1 into bombs. One spark and your oxygen canister will explode, killing you and several of your neighbors. It is a very dangerous gas that must be diluted.There is no reason to breathe pure oxygen.
It is okay as long as you moderate the usage. There are cafes in larger towns that have pure oxygen rooms and you pay by the minute to sit in these rooms. Yes, some can suffer adverse affects, but as long as you are healthy, you should not encounter any problems. Pure oxygen is like anything else, use in moderation. After all, your body is not accustomed to the pure oxygen. its safe.. but might make you feel dizzy…………
Yes, this stuff is safe. Or rather, I haven’t heard anything negative about it, at least. I would limit my intake to just when you need a picker-upper. If you think about it, its completely natural… I have tried the o2 in an o2 lounge & it just makes you feel refreshed. Def worth the money! 🙂
It is safe,but really is not beneficial in any way.You can even get it in many different flavors.It’s really hitting “the scene” right now and many are getting rich,but studies have been done showing no benefits at all.♥
I just love how people advertise Oxygen as a health remedy for hangovers and stuff! LOL! It’s hilarious. About the only thing that is going to do for you is help you breathe, MAYBE. There is nothing wrong with having O2 to breathe. A lot of people have to carry them around. Mostly people with COPD or other health problems that require O2. But let me tell ya something. Don’t get that close to an open flame or it will be a health problem. Pure O2 is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE! I know for a fact. One, I’m going to be a nurse soon. Two, I used to work in a hospital where I carried around an O2 canister everywhere I went for patients who require O2 ( I was an orderly). Just breathe the FREE air that is already around you and don’t buy into something as stupid as this. Good luck!
No way!Look what it did to Micheal Jackson…and you should try smoking near pure oxygen!
O2 is a natural high. It really is. many a time have I had a huge hangover and inhaled pure oxygen to make me feel better. The only flaw is that the O2 hangover’s (yes, you can get them) can be much worse, take care.
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