I hav been stuffed up with a bad cough and cold all week been takin cough syrup and lemsip just cant shift it?

Q:Have also had hot bath and tried albus drops on pillow at nite, i would love to get a decent night sleep 2nite i’m knackered !
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I, too, am suffering! Nasty one, isn’t it.I keep going with the aid of Beecham’s Powders Capsules (actually, Tesco’s equivalent!) and Sudafed nasal spray. And I also have a rather dead Olbas oil inhaler, which I must get a new one of…Other than that, drink plenty of water, take a spoonful of honey when you need to for the cough, and it will eventually go away of its own accord.
Dont leave the house but keep the windows slightly ajar to get some airWrap up warmI agree with the first comment, try allergy medicines like Piriton it might be Hayfeverand most of all drink plenty of Orange Juice, Honey and Lemon with crushed Ginger and just rest.
don’t bother with lemsip or cough syrup take paracetamol and bruffin and drink as much water as you can handle cough syrup only treats the symptoms and with lemsip you are not getting the limit if paracetamol .paracetamol will bring you temp down bruffin will help and pain and inflammation (such as tonsils)the water will flush out the bug making you fill crap it could be hayfever.try piriton at night
Try Manuka honey Active+10 to be taken dry not mixed with liquid . For hot drink try camomile/honey/lemon
I prefer to treat a cold with zinc…..Zicam nasal swabs have worked extremely well for me.
Cough syrups and lemsip cost a lot of money and are full of sugar! Get some real stuff like fresh lemon and honey and chew some fresh ginger, does the trick for me!
Try liquid echinacea drops .Full strength .
make some weak tea with fresh ginger, cloves, crushed peppercorns, cardamom and cinnamon – as strong as you can take it; just sip a little. Hope it works.
Echinesia baby! You can find it in an Health and Vitamin store. Get the liquid form with the dropper. You’ll be doin somesaults in no time!
Try this. Take 1/2 cup warm water mixed with 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. It will prompt your body to produce more of its own Cortizone, which will unstop your sinuses.Hopefully, you have apple cider vinegar. Good luck, and get better.
Try reflexology! If you have your partner (or other family member) handy now ask them to rub your feet around the ball of your foot and each toe. Your toes represent your sinuses and the ball of your foot represent your lungs. Also, they can give you just a general foot rub as well. If you have olbas oil then the other thing you could do is get a bowl of really hot water and put a few drops of the oil into it, then get a towel over your head and lean over the bowl and inhale the hot air (heat will dilate your airways so that the oil can get into your respiratory system). Good night!
take zinc (from the health shop)vitamin c (oranges lemons)Honeygo out for a walk in the fresh air to clear your head.staying indoors prolongs the cold and keeps the flu/cold bug thriving
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