How to get rid of acne scar?

Q:Any natural remedy?
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Yes 100% natural the Homeopathic Remedy CALENDULA OINTMENT trust me nothings works better or faster and totally without ant side effects or complications makes your skin real smooth fast.Take care and God Bless you !
Use cover up.duh!
some people say tea tree oil works
The best natural treatment for ACNE and for the scars is Lime.Get a fruit of lime – slice a portion and apply the juice on the scar or if you have acne, on the acne. Make sure you squeeze the slice of lime a little to get the juice out before applying it. Do this before going to bed and let it dry before hitting the pillow.
There are many cheap and effective home remedies for acne. Tomato slices, turmeric, papaya juices and home made face packs will treat existing pimples and prevent further problems. More remedies at
I struggled with acne for years and I finally found the solution that works for me. We have been fooled, tricked, deceived, and just plain lied to. It’s time that someone put a stop to it, and everyone learn the truth!Those of us who suffer from acne have usually been given 2 choices and neither of them work:1. Over the counter remedies such as cleansers, creams, ointments, etc. These things have been proven over and over again not to work. Why? It does not address the root cause of the problem.2. Go see a doctor and or dermatologist. They will generally prescribe prescription drugs which include topicals and or antibiotics. This, too, has been proven over and over again not to work. Why? It does not address the root cause of the problem.I found a step-by-step program that cured my acne and it has never come back. It is amazing and doesn’t use any drugs or doctors. The truth is that acne can be cured…if we know the secret the doctors and drug companies don’t want us to know.There is a great website: that has all the details. I really suggest you check it out and see if it works as well for you as it did for me.
No unfortunately it will never go away unless later in life you decide to have laser treatment. If they are new scars I heard mederma works.
Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel
you can put vitamin E oil on it every day. be sure to only put it on the scar and not surrounding areas or the oil could clog the pores and cause more acne.
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