plzzz help ear quetions?

Q:well i woke up a few days with my ear clogged so i tried to unclog it by using my palm pressing on it like a suction but that only made it worse …. i gaved it a full feeling…. and it hurted…. so like two days later i went to the doctor and she said it seemed fine … she could see wax buildup .. but just send me home with drops ..i used them but it only makes my ear stuffier its been like 5 days .. it feels somewhat unclogged but when i burp i hear a crackling popping noise… or when i eat it gest clogged like something or pressure is in there …. seems somewhat unclogged but know i can barely hear from it …. 🙁 ,,, i tried drops blowing with ,my nose .. i dont know what else to do
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You need to see an Ear,Nose and Throat specialist
You may need to take a decongestant like Sudafed for a few days, it sounds like you have fluid behind the eardrum from allergies or something.
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