sweet almond oil?

Q:can I give it to a 7 year old kid to relief constapation ? does it have any bad side effects ?how much should I give her as a dose?
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Always check with a doctor before treating a child but as treatments go, almond oil is pretty mild. An adult dose is about 30 milliliters (about 2 tsp.) by mouth for a laxative effect. You might try 1/2 or 15 milliliters (about 1 tsp.) with a child depending on their size/age. You mght also try to see if they’ll eat some whole almonds. Nuts are rich in magnesium so that mey be the laxitive agent. If the child has in addition to constipation, muscle spasms, headaches or any kind of insomnia they might also be magnesium deficient. Look for magnesium types that end in “ate”, particularly glycinate, lactate, orotate, malate, citrate or taurate or a combination. Oxide is the least effective but easiest to find. Citrate is the most effective for constipation but also can sometimes give them stomache cramps and should not be used for too long at a stretch.Also plain old vitamin C is a great easy and cheap treatment for constipation. Just give a tablet or capsule (100 -250 mg) every 4-6 hours till they have results. Too much vitamin C gives at first loose stools then if way too much diarrhea. But it’s very safe. I would always call a doctor or pharmacist before giving anything to a child. If your child has a healthy diet constipation shouldn’t be a problem. There are lots of remedies for now, but be sure they are getting lots of grain, fruits and veggies with water and exercise in the future. Good luck…poor kid–that’s no fun for sure.
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