Marijuana for Fibromyalgia?

Q:Has anyone used marijuana for pain associated with fibromyalgia and what were your results or experiences?
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it has been prescribed to many .the tried and true .and it has been in newspapers police take it away from the patients sometimes but that the police have actually been sued Source(s):a newspaper ad that a friend showed me I’ve been dealing with FMS (Fibromyalgia syndrom) for many years & i’ve never even HEARD of using marijuana as a treatment. I’ve been on Skelaxin a few times, I take Aleve as needed, & my doctor put me on Paxil which dealt with my anxiety stuff and that REALLY helped my back (as in, I could look up for the first time in years).Physical therapy is good. Sitting up straight REALLY helps. Tai Chi was great.
i would like to say dont listen to people that dont belive fibro is here i have it and wanted to let you know i have never used marijuana for fibro.but if it works would you please let me know.and the person that said it does’ne exisit your dead wrong.i have had it for 10 years.your lucky you dont have it. kathy I dont have Fibro- but I have a friend that does. And Man, it must suck. I am sure many people that have it feel like head cases as it is- they dont need judgemental people telling them they are making it all up. AND- what if they were? They are the ones that have to deal with it in the end! So, where was I? Oh, Marijuana- it helps ease anxiety 10X’s over! I am sure it would work for that. Might help get the mind off pain. However- it makes you want to eat and not move around so much and that too can add to the fibro stuff. Not a professional opinion just mine. 😉 Dr. Anthony Martin, author of “What The Doctors Don’t Know May Be Killing You!” spoke about fibromyalgia on Thursday night.He said “I don’t know if I can CURE fibromyalgia, but I can tell you my patients feel 100% better after alternative treatment.”He said there are 4 tests you must insist on.1) LIVE blood cell test..meaning tested within 3 hrs2) PH Test3) C-Reactive protein test (for inflammation)4) Simple urine test for free radical damage.If your system is acidic you need to change that. Free radicals, bacteria and fungus thrive in an acidic body.You need to make your body alkaline.He treats all his patients with an all natural Alternative medicine with medical validation and is finding great success. Source(s)
First off, don’t listen to ignorant answers from people like martinamagrace. Obviously she’s lucky enough not to have been afflicted with debilitating pain!I don’t know anyone who’s used it, but I’ve heard opinions that it is more helpful than any other high-potency pain killer. Medical marijuana should not be illegal. It’s been a great help to many people who suffer from a number of diseases. And kudos to the doctors who prescribe it. If only there were more like them! There you go!! An illegal drug for a condition that does not exist. If you can get a doctor to agree with that He/she should not have a license to practice medicine…
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