how can i get rid of all my scars on my legs,easily?

Q:i hve old scars since i was a kid and even that im already 20?i’d tried different dermatologist but they really cost so much?
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Homeopathy :-CALENDULA OINTMENT makes scars disappear very effectively. Marigold is a time old remedy for healing deep wounds and gashes without leaving a scar or to dissolve scar tissue..Take care and God Bless you ! Cut off your legs? JK Try getting a tan…usually ‘hides’ scars…there is also an otc cream for scars but not sure if it works. They will fade over time.
Actually, Lavender essential oil in combination with olive oil does wonders for scars. It’s even better if you can find some Calendula to add. Warm the olive oil first on the stove so that you get a good mixture. 10 drops of lavender per cup of olive oil, apply 2 times daily. I am at if you have any questions
Acculay if you tan when u have scars on your legs then the scares just turn whiter I had a bunch of bug bites this summer and when I got tan they got white!!
hmmm… try vitamin E and use lots of cocoa butter lotion. if you can vanish them make them look like a blemish.
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