Anybody know about a home cold remedy using whiskey..?

Q:I remember when I was younger, hearing some of my family talk about it, that it helps relieve your cold, but I’m not sure how to drink it? Straight, or mixed in a tea, etc? Any info is appreciated, and NO, I’m not trying to make an excuse to get buzzed, I’m really not much of a drinker! Thanks!
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This remedy works every time for me.Make yourself a cup of tea, as hot as you can drink it. Add a shot of Jamesons Whiskey, a bit of lemon & honey if you like. Bundle up, and drink your tea. Then take NyQuill to assure a good night’s rest. Hopefully, you’ll “sweat it out” and you’ll wake up feeling much better.
There are recipes on the Internet. Most use lemon and honey with the whiskey. If that doesn’t work, try cough medicine from Heel (a company). Look it up on the Internet before going to your health food store. I get horrible coughs and only codeine and this cough syrup work.
we call it a hot totie use whiskey or tequilahoney and lemon warm in mic and stir drink up
yea I was sick once and my friend dragged me to a bar afterwork and the bartender made me a “Hot Tottie” it’s whiskey,hot water,honey and lemon and I really did feel better but it might be more mental than anything else. Hope you feel better!
I dont know about the wiskey part actually doing anything, but the biggest remedy i have found, (tried and proven on many a friend) is horseradish. take a small spoonfull of horseradish and place it in your mouth, chew it, and soon thereafter whatever was blocking your nasal passages is now looking for your kleenex!I rememeber a whiskey rememedy from my mom, it was tea, honey,lemon and whiskey. sometimes she’d put in a stick of cinnamon too that would help take the edge off the congestion. but if you need fast relief, use the horseradish.. it works wonders.. and keeps people away while youre sick 😉
Whiskey and hot lemonade sweetened with honey. I think the whiskey part does not do a thing except make you forget you have a cold for awhile.
When I was younger my parents wold give me a shot of whiskey followed by hot lemon aide with honey. It made you sweat. the whiskey I think so you could sleep and the hot lemon aid cut the Flem while the Honey soothed the cough
BAD idea. It does not help and can actually make your symptoms worse by dehydrating you. The only thing alcohol will do for a cold is knock you out. It doesn’t help the symptoms—you just don’t care that you have a cold. LOLTry Zycam instead. That CAN shorten the duration of your cold.
whisley and honey and crawl in bed
my grandpa used to drink it straight and go right to bed. you sweat it out, and in the morning you feel fine. ready to go to work. but if you dont liek the taste, you can mix it with tea or a nice cup o’ joe
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