how long can you keep medicine for before it has to be thrown away?

Q:how long can you keep medicine for before it has to be thrown away?
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until it expires
I used to work in an alternative store; the answer for over the counter drugs is “one year past the expiration date.” The meds may loose a little of their strength potential but are not harmful in any way.I have never dealt in perscription drugs however; my guess would be approximately six months or so just to be safe; even though most physicians would proubably say, throw them out after they expire.
Until the expiration date. Most can be used past that date but a few will make you very ill if you do. It is very few and no I don’t know which ones. A doctor told me that.
look at the expiration date.
when the expiration date on the bottle says too. and always flush them instead of throwing them in the garbage..
each medications varies. just look at the bottle. afterwards, you can still take them- they will just not be as strong. Keeping them for too long will make you sick. I’d suggest flushing expired meds down the tolit would be safer.
when you dont need it anymore, look on the back for the date printed, that is when the medicine will do more harm than good, never share medicine either.
Read the bottle. It’s there.
check the expiration date on the bottle Most over the counter medication have expiration dates on the bottle. For prescription meds, the rule of thumb is one year after they are filled. After a year, they lose their effectiveness. If you can’t find a date on over the counter meds, I would recommend you stick to the one year rule as well. Good luck!
There should be an expiration date on the bottle.
When the bottle says to throw it away.
You can use Tylenol, Motrin, Asperin, etc. way past the expiration date and it is still safe and effective. Source(s):my brain
If it is a home remedy it depends on what you use to make it oils will usuall keep for a year if ref. one made with acohol will keep for years and years . lotions keep only a few month hope this helps
Just look at the expiration date on the label.
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