Can someone recommend a homemade sleep aid?

Q:I need to get to sleep tonight – I have run out of the medication that usually helps me get to sleep. What helps? Warm milk? [blech, I don’t even like it cold!] Should I take some cold medicine if I have some? Help please 🙂
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Magnesium help your muscles to relax. I find it conducive to sleep. Also turkey has something that makes you sleepy, but you probably shouldn’t eat before sleeping. The thing about taking medicine to get to sleep is that you will not be able to sleep without it for a couple of weeks. Cold medicine like Excedrin or Tylenol PM will help you sleep, as many sinus medications make you drowsy. You could always count sheep.
Have a warm bath and then drink some hot chocolate or camomile tea. Avoid any caffeine or nicotine.
sounds like you need to see a professional other than a doctor, to findout the underlying reasons why you cannot sleep and worry so much about it. You do have a problem.
Tips to Sleep Well
Nyquil and tequila always works for me right before bedtime..only bad thing I don’t make it to work until noon.LOL
What way rando. is referring to are triptophans. They are found in turkey and warm milk. They are natural sleep inducers.
soak in a warm bath then get out and get into bed
try a warm bath (with some lavender oil), or a warm bath with baking soda (helps calm your muscles and relax the body). The warm milk thing works, or hot tea (such as chamomile). Try laying down and just lighting some candles for awhile, try journaling to get some of the thoughts off your mind, etc.check with your doctor before taking any type of herbs- but some of the herbs off of the website below really do work.
Say Goodnight to Insomnia
I use to have a cup of Hot Chocolate. Then again you can try Hot Ovaltine if you prefer.
Insomnia (sleeplessness) is due to stress, dietary and medical problems. By making small lifestyle changes like having a fixeddaily routine, relaxing and eating properly, insomnia can becured. I found the information at usefulfor getting sleep.
Warm milk or if you have some Benadryl aka diphenhydramine that would help. Yes that is the stuff in a lot of cold and allergy medications but read the label first to be sure it say diphenhydramine before you take it. Taking a warm bath with just candle light is also very relaxing. You can also try meditation.
I have heard but have never tried but celery is supposed to have something in it same as turkey which helps with sleep.
2 or 3 oz. of warm Wine will to it .
mint and chamomile tea
No medication.When I took up Yoga years ago, I too had a hard time getting to sleep. the instructor said just follow this. When to go to bed lay on your back, arms at your side and close your eyes, and tell yourself that your body has worked hard today, and its tired. Now tighten up every part of your body and then let go. Now starting at the toes and going up every part of your body, in back of your mind, tell each part that its tired tell your legs that they feel like lead weights and your exhausted, just keep on saying this and before your know it you have fallen asleep. This truly works if you are serious about it. I know it sounds crazy, but it does work.and no medication required. Just meditation
If this is a recurring problem perhaps you need to explore it more deeply; taking medication long term is a bad idea. It can be addicting. Since you’ve posted it to Alternative Medicine, I want to recommend you see a homeopath or a herbal medicine practitioner.
Anything with triptiphane in it (not sure if I spelled that correctly, pronounce it just as it’s spelled)This would include cheese, turkey, and sorry to say milk.I don’t like milk much myself, so I drink vanilla soy milk instead.Yummy!
If you have some CHamomile tea that helps. Actually I find that most herbal teas help just make sure it’s not a tea that has caffine in it. I believe Green & Black tea & Earl Grey Have caffine in them. Also if you have Lavendar bath or just lotion that helps relax the body. I feel for you because I go through that where I can’t sleep & even after 3-4 nights where I am TOTALLY exhausted I can’t sleep It tkes a sleeping pill for me.
wat really helps me is to listen to like really soft music, like a flute or cds with ocean sounds they make me sleep so great and i fall asleep really fast.
. Haul your rear end to walmart and buy some melatonin. It will cause you to go to sleep. No druggy feeling you feel naturally tiredm. By the time you mosey around on comp for a couple of hours, you could have long been asleep
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