who knows about tinctures?

Q:I was suggested a few tinctures,but as i read about them they don’t seem to save.If you are out there could you please give me the right info?If not can someone fill me in on the right info?!
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A tincture is a way of preparing and dispensing herbal supplements. You can get supplements in liquid (that would might drink alone or mix with something), in a capsule or pill that you swallow, or as a tincture. The way these things are made and what they contain is what makes them safe or not – and that varies by maker and by ailment, of course.The best thing to do is have an herbalist you trust or equally qualified professional help you determine what herbs or combinations are best for you or you can work with a company that gives you lots of information about the supplements and what they do.I personally use Nature’s Sunshine Products, in association with my Naturopathic physicians Ralph & Lahni DeAmicis. Here is a link to their NSP site: http://www.mynsp.com/deamicis/index.aspxNSP has the highest quality supplements available, in my opinion – so the ingredients are safe, but you need to be sure that they are safe in combination with other things that you are taking, etc.If you go to the Advanced search, you can search for products that are good for a particular body system – this might help you find out the information you are looking for. Peace! There are many forms of tintures depending on their use. I have recipies for tintures you take internally as well as use topically. Drop me a message as to what you are looking for.
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