Do you believe in reiki energy?

Q:Do you believe in reiki energy?
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Yes. But you need attunement first. If you have six sense, or extra ordinary sense, you can see energy flows like mist. It’s very very smooth. It can heal many symptoms.Reiki energy is smart. It knows part to be healed. It knows the ammount what we need. It need to be parctice every time.Reiki’s attunement is needed to make a correct path where energy will flow.
Do I believe in Reiki energy? I hope so, I’ve been teaching people Reiki for 14 years. But for me it isn’t about a belief. I’ve seen too many people cured from the use of Reiki energy. It’s not for everyone, like drugs dont’ work for everyone. The greatest obstacle to healing is a belief that a person can’t be cured. Our beliefs get in the way of being healthy. I’ve seen people cured of cancer with prayer. I’ve seen people cured of leukemia using sound. I’ve seen people cured of flue using homeopathic medicine. The bottom line is, what do you beleive will help you? The only barrier that can’t be resolved is the wish to be sick. Some people don’t want to be here. They have made a desire to go home before its time to go there. That wish destroys good health. If your curious about Reiki, find a practitioner and get a treatment or two. Or better yet get an attunement and use it. Today I’ll be using Reiki on friends at a gathering of Reiki practitioners. We share the energy with each other once a month. The energy is pretty strong. When I’m near other people using this energy, all symptoms disappear. For the rest of the day, nothing aches. And Reiki can do no harm. I can go on and on about Reiki stories, but the bottom line is, try it. One experience is worth a thousand words. [email protected]
I had it a few years ago and it agitated me so yes, there was energy.
You don’t need to be attuned in order to receive reiki, but the practitioner does need to be attuned.I love it. It was my saviour. I used to suffer from severe bouts of depression and anxiety attacks. I was always ill and never away from the doctor. Then someone referred me to a reflexology/reiki practitioner and I’ve never looked back. Reiki strips away all the negative energy causing illness in our bodies and cleans you out .. mind, body and soul. Everyone leaves feeling calm, relaxed and so much lighter (spiritually).I am never ill now and I love it so much that I went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher.
No. I believe it’s completely imaginary and total nonsense.
Yes I do. Because we all have meridians in our body and need to have massages, for body alignment.I am attaching an article on the technic from the following
I did not before I tried it out.Now I do.
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