How to cure migrain ?

Q:How to cure migrain ?
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i use anything with peppermint in it .My goes away in 30 to 45 min tops.Safe and better than prescribed meds or over the counter.good luck
Lay down in a quiet room and put a cold ice pack on your head it take some advil too
ure blood pressure or ure sugar level could be down so try some snack foods with alotta sugar if that does not help drink gatoraid. if helps. as long as u dont drink like MONSTER/ energy drinks or caffein for a while. u can also try smelling small amounts of lavendar.. not like SNIFFING it or nething slowly take small wiffs
I suffer from migraines occasionaly, not enough though to be placed on medication. What has always worked for me was a cold compress placed over my eyes and forehead. I try to lay in a darkened room with the door closed to eliminate as much sound as possible. Don’t be fooled into taking the over the counter medications-they dont always work and can be expensive. Reduce your stress levels-stress almost always brings mine on. Hope this helps.
Wow! I suffered from migraines every day for 2 years started to going to a chirpractor and they went a way I get them now every so often but I take Feverfew supplents and Migraquel from my store email me if you’re interested the migraquel work great it’s homeopathic so it goes into your blood right away. [email protected]
Eat a fruit or a meal (something healthy), then take a pill for the migrain and then take a rlly rlly long nap.yah
i suffer from migaines alot 3 or 4 days a week usually.. sounds dumb but my dr even suggested it , Mt Dew. it has the highest caffeine content of normal soda and it usually works, but I dont drink soday any other time .. peppermint oil on forhead also works really well
No cures knowm for migraine. But I take the herb “feverfew” and it really helps. I go blind with migraines.
I’ve heard that drinking two 8 oz. glasses of Gatorade will cure a migraine faster than any medicine. Give it a shot, there’s not much to lose!
According to “The Home Remedies Handbook” by the editors of Consumer Guide & Hundreds of Leading Doctors. Stay away from bright lights.”For some types of headaches, such as migraines, sleep is the only thing that seems to interrupt the pain cycle. The most important thing is to recognize that the faster the patient with a severe headache stops what they’re doing and goes to bed and rests, the faster the headache will go away. You need to recognize when the big headache is coming. That’s the time to give up and go to bed.” “If you suffer from frequent, severe headaches that put you out of commission several times a month, you need to seek medical attention. Likewise, if your headaches are associated with physical exertion, changes in vision, or weakness, numbness, or paralysis of the limbs, skip the urge to self-treat and see a doctor. If you’re already seeing a physician and aren’t getting relief, think about getting a referral to a headache specialist or headache clinic.” “However, if you are prone to occasional headache pain, read on. The tips that follow can help you feel a lot better-fast:* Don’t overdo the pain pills. Although an occasional dose of an over-the counter analgesic may help alleviate your headache for a few hrs, taking these drugs too often may actually worsen the pain. These drugs are “ok” in limited quantities but if you need to take more than 2 doses a day, you should see a doctor.* Lie down. Lying down and closing your eyes for 1/2 hr or more may be one of the best treatments for a bad headache.* Don’t let the sun shine in. Especially if your symptoms resemble those of a migraine (such as sever pain on one side of the head, nausea, blurred vision, and extreme sensitivity to light), resting in a darkened room may alleviate the pain. Bright light may also cause headaches. Sometimes looking at a computer screen may bring on a headache. Tinted glasses may help.* Use a cold compress. A washcloth dipped in ice cold water and placed over the eyes or an ice pack placed on the site of the pain are other good ways of relieving a headache. * Try heat. If ice feels uncomfortable to you, or if it doesn’t help your headache, try placing a warm washcloth over your eyes or on the site of the pain. It’s recommended leaving the compress on for half an hour, rewarming it as necessary.*Think pleasant thoughts. Many headaches are brought on or worsened by stress and tension. Learning to handle life’s difficulties in a calm way may keep the volume down on a bad headache. Turn off all thoughts of unpleasant, crisis-provoking things. Think about pleasant things. Just for the moment, try to forget about the confrontation with the boss or the coworker. Try to relax while you work out a strategy to cope with the problem.* Check for tension. Along with the preceding tip, patients periodically check their body for tension throughout the day. If you notice that you get these headaches frequently, check the body for signs of tension. Are your jaws set very tightly? Are you scrunching your forehead? You want to check to see if you fists are clenched. Also, when you stop at a red light, are your hands gripping the wheel very tightly? If the answer to any of these questions is yes-stop, relax, and take a deep breath or 2 (don’t go beyond a couple of deep breaths, though; otherwise, you may begin to hyperventilate).* Quit smoking. Smoking may bring ona or worsen a headache, especially if you suffer from cluster headaches-extremely painful headaches that last from 5 to 20 minutes and come in groups.* Start a program of regular exercise. Regular exercise helps to release the physical and emotional tension that may lead to headaches. Walking or jogging may do the trick. These and other aerobic activities help to boost the body’s production of endorphins (natural painrelieving substances).* Cut down on caffeine. Caffeine can increase muscle tension and your anxiety level. It also creates difficulties in sleeping, which can cause headaches. Another problem is that many people drink several cups of coffee a day during their work week but cut their consumption on weekends. This can lead to weekend caffeine withdrawal headaches. They have to slowly decaffeinate themselves. Decrease your caffeine intake by one-half cup per week. People who are prone to headaches cut down th the equivalent of one cup of caffeinated coffee per day. One five-ounce cup of drip coffee contains about 150 milligrams of caffeine. A five-ounce cup of tea brewed for 3-5 minutes may contain 20 to 50 milligrams of caffeine. And cola drinks contain about 35-45 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce serving. Check the caffeine content of any over-the counter drugs in your medicine cabinet.* Fight the nausea first. Some headaches may be accompanied by nausea, which can make you feel even worse. What’s more, the gastric juices produced by stomach upset may hinder the absorption of certain over-the counter and prescription analgesics, which may make these drugs less effective at relieving the pain of your headache. So, by first taking care of the nausea, the pain of the headache may be easier to treat. Many have found that drinking peach juice, apricot nectar, or flat cola has helped alleviate nausea. Over-the counter antinausants such as Emetrol and Dramamine may also be useful.* Rise and retire at the same time every day. Goint to bed and getting up at the same time every day also helps prevent headaches. Changes in body chemistry that occur when you oversleep can precipitate migraines or other headaches.* Keep a headache diary. If you get frequent headaches, try to tease out the factors that seem to be responsible. Pick up patterns. Figure out a way to record headaches and rate them on a zero-to-three scale of intensity; no headache, mild headache, moderate to severe headache, incapacitating headache. Start to look at what foods you are eating. Women should begin tracking their periods, as well as their use of hormone-replacement medications or oral contraceptives. You can show thes calendar to your doctor.” Wish you well.
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