Where can i find the best college for me?

Q:Where can i find the best college for me?
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Hey Check out fastweb.com get a profile there check it out or check out colleges .com i got a letter from harvard stetson Hawiain pacific university and Duke and Preston along with other amazing colleges but please give these a try and if you need any assistance at alll email [email protected]
Your search for the right college or university begins with what course you would like to take. If for example you would like to be a fashion designer, then, find a roster of colleges that offer that course. Finding the ‘best’ college is very relative. Using the word ‘best’ is even more subjective here. ‘Best’ could mean that the school or college is the ‘best’ in its field- if for instance, that college is known for producing the ‘best’ fashion designers around, then, that college could be the ‘best’ for you.But for some young people who couldn’t afford to go to the ‘best’ colleges or universities in the state, then, they could settle-in in other colleges. That could be the ‘best’ for them at that moment.I believe that you have some knowledge on where you can find top-notch or good colleges. There are considerations of course like, “Are you looking for a college within your community or state?”; “Are you prepared to go to college in terms of finances?”; “What are your criteria in looking for the ‘best’ college?”; and, “What course do you like to take?” or rather, “What do you want to be after graduation?”There is a whole wide world out there and your choices are definitely endless. Start looking for some colleges online. I believe that will bring you to where you want to be.
It all depends on your major. I recommend CBU if you are in cali
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