What type of hair?

Q:Do you have thin or thick hair? Whenever you are out balance physiologically or emotionally, do suffer following:1. Thick hair – constipation2. Thin hair – diarrhoea and indigestion
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i have thick curly hair
Umm yeah my hair is just normal
Thick hair with indigestion
Hair condition remains unchanged.Hair contains only dead cells.Serous ailment/excessive utlisation of antibiotics/tension may result in more hairfall leading to baldness.
i have thin, curly, brown hair and lots of it. diarrhoea i used to get only because of too much caffiene, at least that’s what i thought. who know’s maybe its physiologically related?
I have fairly fine hair, though there is a lot of it, and I do suffer from stomach problems – the first sign of upset or worry and I can’t eat. I put this down to being a cancerian (renowned for our stomachs) but this hair theory is interesting!
I have normal hear.. Source(s):Me
Nope.I have relatively fine hair and not a ton of it either and the state of my bowel movements can change from one extreme to the other on a near daily basis. thin hair
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