What is a legal non-prescription non-narcotic alternative for high anxiety problems?

Q:I’m already on anti-anxiety medications…3 of them. If the dosage gets upped any more, I will be a zombie. If I tell my doctor to lower the dosage even a little, my mind will be in a frenzy: having multiple thoughts at the same time, not being able to concentrate on anything (reading, listening to music, movies, people talking to me, schoolwork), not to mention getting majorly clammy hands, feet, and face, my pupils dilating like saucers, and non-stop talking on the phone, in person, or chatting online. That really turns people off. Still, even though I’m at a fairly good place right now with the meds, I think some sort of alternative medicine is in order. I’ve tried Kava Kava (doesn’t do anything), Kratom (no effect), and Blue Lotus (a little buzz when seeped in wine, but not anti-anxiety effects). I absolutely positively can’t do anything that has stimulant properties in it, obviously. I don’t eat/drink anything with caffeine. I stay away from sugary foods. And I don’t smoke.
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St Johns Wort should help, but you shouldn’t be taking that either in conjunction with other herbal supplements or medications unless advised it is okay.I would see a Naturoapth and see if they can help. Maybe acupuncture or something as simple as learning to relax by doing yoga or tai chi might help.
Regular massage(once or twice a month), daily meditation, your meds, and light exercise (yoga, tai chi, or qui gong.) Good food, regular meals, regular sleep (in bed by 10 pm) and maybe an occasional check in with a psychologist to chat about your stressors. My clients did well with this kind of arrangement. For good results, you have to make it happen. Good luck.
I work in a health food store that is owned by a natropathic doctor. The first thing you need to get is “5-HTP”. It is a endogenous, intermediate Amino Acid formed from Tryptophan. Exogenous 5-Hydroxytryptophan is manufactured as a supplement as a means of bypassing the first step in the production of endogenous Serotonin. 5-HTP reduces Aggressiveness (without affecting Assertiveness). 5-HTP alleviates Anxiety. Its beneficial for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) patients (due to its role as a precursor for the production of Serotonin, a Neurotransmitter that is commonly depleted in ADD patients). It increases Beta-Endorphin levels (especially in Depression patients) And the best thing…it is totally all natural. Ant health food store or vitamin shop can hook you up. Good luck and good health.
Often times when we are anxious, showing signs of nervousness, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness, headaches, we can be magnesium deficient. Magnesium, according to experts, figure into more than 400 enzymatic processes in our bodies. So it is a very important mineral. In fact, 15 different heart conditions are directly related to low magnesium levels. Nervousness and the like are also signs that you could use some magnesium. When we are under stress, especially chronic stress, we need more magnesium than usual. One of the best forms of magnesium on the market is called Natural Calm by Natural Vitality. This will not cause you to be drowsy, in fact, magnesium is necessary in the development of ATP, the currency of energy in the body. Chances are good from what you say about yourself that a naturopathic doctor would say you have adrenal exhaustion which is very prevalent in today’s society. Taking herbs that support adrenal function, our stress gland that rests atop our kidneys, will help you cope with your everyday stresses. Another one of my personal favorites is an amino acid known as L-Theanine. Theanine helps calm you without putting you in a stupor. It puts your mind in an alpha state so you feel calm but you are able to carry out your daily routine and stay mentally sharp. It is the best nutritional supplement to use if you need to stay focused but need some calming down. Check with a naturopathic doctor about adrenal exhaustion but in the meantime get to your local health food store and get some magnesium. I think this would help you tremendously.
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