best smelling essential oils?

Q:which essential oils has good smell/fragrance so you can use it as perfumeplease give list base on goodness of smell/fragrance mean first give name of essential oil which you think is finest smelling and than second best
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rose, tangerine, grapefruit, lavender, lemongrass, and mixtures called peace and calming; citrus; abundance. Essential oils are strong, so go easy. Smell different essential oils at the health store and choose one YOU like, OR find a Young Living Oil rep and ask to smell the oils.
Dan hit the nail on the head when advised you to purchase what smells good to you. Essential oils are not only aromatic, they are therapeutic, as well. If an oil or oil blend smells pleasant to you, it will benefit you in other ways, as well. Young Living does have one of the better quality oils on the market.
If you like fresh citrus smells you will like Neroli and lemon grass.More earthy warm smells are sandlewood and cinnamon.
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