A natural alternative to Risperidone?

Q:I have a psychotic illness and am supposed to have depot injections of Risperidone. However I can’t stand the side effects and have stopped, but my illness is back. Are there any natural alternatives please?
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[CBT] Cognitive behaviour therapy is an alternative and becoming increasing popular – talking treatment – that can provide practical strategies for coping with psychotic experiences and the disruption to every day life that these may bring.Speak to your GP that you cannot cope with the side effects of Risperidone and prefer to try an alternative approach to drugs in general.Ask your GP for referral to see a clinical psychologist as soon as possible as you have fears your illness is returning and require urgent appointment.Looking after your self – evidence suggests eating more healthily and getting plenty of physical exercise can be beneficial for the body and the mind. Massage and yoga and other methods of increasing relaxation and decreasing stress are also helpful.Hope you will feel better soon. Explain to your doctor that you cannot stand the side effects. Maybe there’s another anti-psychotic that will work better for you. It’s up to you to weigh up the side effects against the benefits. I’m not aware of any natural alternatives that work.
try any homoeopathic consultant near by. because only Homoepathic treatment have the things that consider the mental status of the person and try to solve it in ntural nad very pleasant manner. Looking at your other answers.I tend to agree with Phylixia. Crucial thing is being open with staff working with you – yes CBT may have a part to play but with psychosis it is often used in combination with medication – if you are noticing psychotic symptoms returning it is probably important to act fairly quickly to regain stability.Side effects are a very real issue for many people with psychosis though, so important that professionals listen to you and do whatever they can to find the right medication & dose for you. Acupuncture can do wonders for things of the mind. Source(s):Been there, done that ;-)
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