what r ur opinion about taking vitamins daily?

Q:What vitamins (as supplementary) we should take daily or weekly for best results for our skin and health in general? To be strong, healthy full of energy and young? What do u suggest?
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if ur too young its not good cause then when u really need then ur body has had to much of them !
My opinion about that is to take DAILY.We take vitamins because we do not necessary get all the vitamins that we need from the foods that we eat because humans like to eat what they LIKE and not what they need.however, we are usually unaware about when and what time we need the vitamins and whether we have enough of it and it is thus best to take your vitamins everyday so that your body has it when it needs it.However, do stay away from synthetic vitamins as they are not good for health. Try natural multi vits like VPlus. u die earlier
it depends on your body and what your not getting in your daily intake with your foods b-12 is a good vitamins to take my suggestion is that you do a study on vitamins and how much your suppose to have on a daily basis. according to your body. We don’t need alot a young age unless are eating habits are poor.
good if you do not eat a healthy diet
you will over doses
Unless you don’t have really need of them don’t take them daily..A balanced diet will be sufficient.
It is good but must know what exactly you need. Consult a nutrition therapist.
Unless you actually have a problem, I think that if you have a good and balanced diet, with lots of fruit and veg, and meat and fish and so on and so forth, there should be no need to take anything extra.
omega 3, flax seed oil, antioxidants. vitamins are good for you, getting it from food sources is better.
i’ve been taking a mulit pack type vitamin for the last few yrs (im 40) with good results and if i skip a week i can feel the diffence in my mind and body,,, so i’d say try a regimine for a month and see what it does for, to you, i take YourLIfe daily pack, get ’em a Wally World 9 bucks for a months worth, and no i dont own stock in Wal-Mart :):)
Vitamins are good!1 a day vitamins are not good for Humans!best to communicate with your ANGELS personally to find out what you specifically need!Yeshua!
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