whats good to grow?

Q:i know exercises are good but is there any pill to make you grow fast?
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yogurt. I learned it in a magazine, i can’t get the name though..i don’t remember it
There is no fast way to grow. If you are way below average you may want to consult an endocrinologist who may after much testing allow you to take human growth hormones. Any kind of steroids that you get your hands on are bad news. Besides heart defects, your manhood is greatly threatened if you get my drift.Make sure that you are eating a well balanced diet that has enough calories for a growing guy (Btw guys grow well into their 20s) with protien and veggies. Yoga has wonderful exercises that will lengthen your spine and add increased flexibility. This might really help you when you are out on the pitch trying to stretch out to snag soccerballs. yes, but they mess up your health real bad. remember Schwartzenegger’s heart problems?
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