Can someone survive a bursted heart that poors out blood and water when cut open?

Q:According to what I’v heard in the past, the water that poored from Jesus’ chest when they stabbed him with the spear indicates that his heart had burst. Am I right? and can someone survive this? I know this is religious and should probably be asked in that catergory but I’m looking for expert opinion from a doctor or medical profesional.ThanksJett B
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Medically speaking– anything is possible. Some people (like my dad, for instance) can survive horrible injuries; not just survive, but do well and be close to fully functional afterwards. Some people die after only minor trauma or illness. It really depends on the person. The crucifixion story is metaphorical to a great degree. I think that anyone who is concerned about the “reality” of the story is running down a blind alley. There is no way to prove or disprove what REALLY happened when they hanged Jesus– therefore, anyone who believes can and should go on believing, and anyone who doesn’t believe can just go do something else.Unless you were there on the crucifixion day, you don’t know what happened. Arguing about whether something is medically possible (another example is whether a virgin can have a baby– which of course is completely medically possible) is pointless. Just so you’ll know– I used to work with a lady whose heart had burst at one point. She had to take pills every day, but otherwise she was fine. I hope this was helpful.
I am not a doctor – but your information is wrong. He was stabbed in the side with a spear and blood and water poured out.
yes. it depends on how clean the cut, how much bloodloss, how fast the healthcare professionals to act on this etc. just b elieve in miracles because thats what faith is for
Once your heart explodes it all over. Coach
They stabbed him in the side, not the chest. It didn’t pierce his heart, they just did that to see if he was dead. He didn’t survive. He died and rose on the third day. That’s how it happened and if you can’t believe that, I’m sorry.
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