Tired of taking pills.Any natural treatment for hypothyroid disease?

Q:Been taking meds for 6 years off and on and i am so tired of it. is there any natural treatments that will help regulate my thyroid??
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No, sorry – don’t risk it. Hypothyroidism seems pretty common actually – myself and a few people I know (not related to me) suffer from it. It’s not that hard to take a pill once a day – remember, there are much worse diseases out there.Besides, without the pills, you’re much more susceptable to depression, anemia, and weight gain. It’s it worth it to just keep taking the medication?
you might find this article interesting as a starting point –http://thyroid.about.com/b/a/257287.htm.
the pills are the only thing that helps and you are on them for life, try being a diabetic, talk about pills for life. geeze dont whine.
No, it is not safe to stop taking your synthroid. Although I sympathize with you as I once dated a girl with hypothyroidism it would be dangerous to stop taking the medication after your body has once again become used to normal hormone levels.Please discuss any alternative treatments with your doctor BEFORE you try them, this simply isn’t an area you want to mess around in.
No. BTW, “Natural medicine” is “chemicals”, too.Everything is made of “chemicals”.
I have been on hypothyroid meds for decades and that is just the way it is.if it does not work then nothing will fix it.the meds you take force your body to produce the thyroid you need to stay as healthy as possible.What is the difference what sort of pill you take and trust me that tiny thyroid pill is nothing compared to the boatload of GIANT casules you will be taking if you go the natural route(been there-done that) to say that natural is better or safer is absurd; IF it works then the action is chemical—whether it is digitalis from foxglove for your heart or phytoestogens from soy or red raspberry for menopause or serotonin solutions like 5-htp or St John’s Wort for depression.. IF it does something it DOES it.your body has no clue where it comes from..
I’m, not a doctor, so I’m not going to tell you to stop taking your pills. But if you want natural medicine/ alternative care, then you need to find a Natural Doctor (ND). I can tell you a few things that I learned from working in the nutrition department. The most important supplements to help are L- tyrosine and kelp. You should make sure you really get your energy vitamins (B vitamins) and the antioxidants A, C, E, Selenium, and Zinc. You also need Iron, but taking iron supplements is risky business. Floradix is a gentle iron that is highly recommended. You should only drink distilled water. Other then that you should stay away from processed food and work on getting an alternative doctor who will prescribe alternative medicine with little to no side effects. Stores like Whole Foods will have guides that list practioners in your area.Good luck!
No, I have thyroid problems also. Your thyroids are what keeps your body running. IF you quit taking your meds you can die. I have came real close in the past because I would get to feeling better thinking well I don’t need them an quit taking them an I couldn’t get out of bed an I wouldn’t wake up for days. Don’t mess with your meds
Six years? I’ve been taking thyroid med for over 40 years. What’s the big deal? It just goes down with your orange juice or coffee every morning. And thyroid med is “natural” in the sense that it is replacing the hormone that your own thyroid is not producing enough of. No, there is no alternative treatment for hypothyroidism, and as others have pointed out, it’s critically important for your body’s functioning to take your med reguarly. You’ll have no trouble as long as you follow your doctor’s advice!
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