Recipie for enema?

Q:i need an enema and i dont have any castle soap. Im realy cloged up >.<
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go to walgreens and purchase a FLEET ENEMA. they work real well.. you get a 2 pack for 1.99
warm up some prune juice. they also have some that you can buy that is flavored.
You can try adding some lemon juice into the enema water. That helps cleanse out your intestines better. Otherwise, just use plain water.
Use a “Fleet” enema, it is the best.
Instead of an enema, there is all bran cereal, if you need something right away, their is this liquid you drink, you can buy it in a drugstore or grocery store where the fleet enemas are, It comes in a green bottle, and it is sodium citrate, I believe the company that makes itis called SWAN’S
Epsom salts or sea salt in distilled water can be good. You’ve given yourself an enema before? Make sure you have.
VINEGAR WATER AND DUUUUSH! O’boy dont listen to me thats the wrong end!
my grandmother always used a bottle of vodka
Instead of taking that approach, find a can of Fruit salad and warm it up a bit. Eat the whole thing…Another good way is to take a heat muscle rub and rub it on your lower stomach and back..Both of these methods work.
Just use warm water and it works. The soap really does nothing
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