Homeopathic remedy to regulate periods?

Q:I stopped takin depo provera in July and I have not had a normal period since then. It is very frustrating b/c my Husband and I are trying to have our second child. Can anyone help with over the counter vitamins or a homeopathic remedy to regulate periods. 🙂 Thank you !
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Homeopathy is quackery. Completely ineffective.Vitamins will not help this situation unless your irregular periods are due to some lack of nutrition.You should see your doctor and have him/her try to figure out what’s wrong.I’ll repeat: Homeopathy is absolute quackery and not even worth your time.
Um. no. Homeopathy is basically small amounts of a substance, sometimes alcohol or poison diluted down until it’s like 1 part per 100 parts water. Its one of the worst of the alternative medicines. It’s the kind of thing they disucss on quackwatch, which even has a seperate site called homeowatch. The basic concept is the more diluted it is the more powerful it is. Scientists and MDs consider it one of the worst of the quack medicine.It is not only the wosrt of quackery, but it’s also the silliest. it is up there with iridiology and phlebotomy (blood-letting!)If you are missing your periods then vitamins will not help either. There is a big difference between over the counter vitamins and seeing the doctor to fix your diet because of a deficiency. It could be a number of serious problems! Make an appointment with your doctor stat!
black cohosh root, either extract or tea is a natural way of regulating female hormones..
There are a number of remedies, however, homeopathy treats the person, not the problem. Irregular periods are systemic and the cause is individual (such as taking/stopping depo provera). See a homeopath.
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