Remedies for the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments?

Q:My Mum’s battling with cancer at the moment and we’re doing what we can for that. She also seems to have issues with wind trapped in her stomach that causes painful cramps and dry retching a couple of times a day. Does anyone know of a way to alleviate this?
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GOD. pray for your mama and have faith. claim healing in JESUS name and walk in it. a natural remedy for trapped wind is peppermint you can buy it like cordial only you don’t dilute it.another medicated solution is gastrocote you suck them and they really are effective. for a sore mouth [if she has ulcers] is to suck on an ice lolly only thing i can think of is to try some kind of lozenger for the coughing. i wish you and your family the best and hope your mum makes a full recovery. Source(s):personal
Have you tried ginger tea, my mother had cancer and found it very helpful. I don’t want to offfend you but she also used to drink marijuana tea and she found it really helped her with the pain.
Praying is a good thing then act on your prayer. Cancer is a terrible thing and if I had Cancer, I would be looking for a hundred ways to prevent my body from suffering. I hope you can convince your mother to help herself though the process. Avocado with Apple Cider Vinegar and LemonHere’s a recipe that will make you go to the bathroom in a couple of hours.Peel 1-2 avocadosAdd a little sea salt3-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (to taste)1-2 tablespoons of lemon (to taste)Mix all together and spread on your favorite crackersHave a good time eatingYou might want to give her some Chamomile tea, Essiac tea, Kombucha Tea, Ginger Root Tea, and Green tea are ways to soothe her stomach. I would also have her do the water cure and drink 6-8 glasses of distilled water with a pinch of unrefined Himalayan pink sea salt in distilled water. Also add 12 grains of brown rice to every gallon of distilled water she drinks to give her proper minerals to improve bowel function. Consider a coffee enema to start a stopped bowel function. Consider giving her a tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and honey is carrot juice three times a day.If she can handle a dash of cayenne and or turmeric then even better.Mega Doses of Vitamin C could restore her bowel movement and immune response. Whatever you do, there is no time to waste. Stick with whatever is working abd throw out the rest.Yah bless. what meds is she on?
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