Does anyone know of a surgeon that does tubal reversals?

Q:Someone that will take payment plans or is farely reasonable.
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I dont know of one personally, you can do a search to try and find one in your area. And then call and see if they take payments. I just wanted to let you know that reversals do not always work. I thought about having mine reversed at one time, so I did some research and talked to people who had it done. I ended up not doing it because of other health complications I ended up having instead. But anyway, I found out the reversal surgery is very painful and is only about 50% effective at best. I personally know about 8 people who have had it done. Some had it done a couple years ago, and some as far back as 20 years ago. Not a single one of them were able to get pregnant afterwards. I am not telling you not to do it. By all means if you really want to, go for it. I would have if I could. I just simply wanted to let you know the statistics before you do it, so in case it doesnt work you dont end up heartbroken like some of my friends were who werent informed of all this before their decision. Good luck to you and God Bless. yes there is a clinic in chapel hill nc and one in atlanta ga these are very good and less expensive with high levels of good results. check out in google under tubal reversal clinics and the city names and look at websites. i’m saving my money for the same procedure. good luck! and i’ll have to travel very far to get to them, but it’s worth the cost. the ga one even includes hotel.
Dr kulalumpa he lives in Timbuktu
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