Does urine get rid of athlete’s foot?

Q:i heard that if you pee on your athlete’s foot, it can get rid of the bacteria?
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i tried it before worked..
Use a some what mild solution of bleach, Clorox. A couple inches in a pan will do it. Medical research has proved nothing can live in Sodium Hypochlorite, bleach. It will burn, which is why it’s not used anymore. People don’t want anything dis-comfortable anymore. When the problem is gone so will be the burn.
I was thinking about your question,…and then I thought….ah..piss-on-it!lol
Haha, whoever told you that is trying to screw you over.
Definately No ! Take Care and God Bless ! keep the area between your feetfingers dry always n use a powder sold in chemists peeing may aggravate becos you r making the area wet
Nope, Try Tinactin.
No, urine does not cure athlete’s foot. Urine can CAUSE athletes foot, however. Someone was really pulling your leg. Never, NEVER pee on your feet, especially if they are already infected. Wash your feet thoroughly every time you shower, and dry your feet completely, between the toes, and underneath. In the meantime to cure what athlete’s foot you have, use over-the-counter cremes and soak them in bleach 2x a week for a month or so, at least 20 minutes. Good luck, kid.
try it, and let us know
make sure your feet are completely dry after washing, even to the point of using a hair dryer. Repeatedly try and concentrate the heat directly onto the infected parts of the feet, drawing away when the pain is too intense This appears to kill the fungus.Repeat this every time you bathe your feet, paying special attention to between the toes, ( vulnerable areas). The extreme heat treatment would be unneccesary of course once the infection had gone, This is about preventative measures, Whatever medications there are about, you would have to choose . Whatever you do, leave out oui! oui!
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