Antibiotics and Probiotics?

Q:I am taking bimax for bronchitis but after 2 days now I feel fine. I had 103 temperature for 3 days and a very bad cough before I saw a doctor. Can I start taking a probiotic now at same time ? I usually take one daily. Or should I just take yogurt with live cultures?
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Take the full course of the anti biotics..with repeat scripts if applicable. For the last 4 days of your course, make sure you eat a cup of yoghurt to replace the normal flora in the bowel and intestines that is lost from having the antibiotics. Then, a week after finishing the antibiotics..take the pro biotics. Take care and good luck…oh, and don’t forget to drink lots of water..until your wee is clear, that way you know you are hydrated enough. I would stop the probiotic altogether. If you are taking them for your colon, you aren’t doing any good if you aren’t, well, putting them directly in your colon. Your stomach is too acidic for survival.These products have generated lots of placebo effects and anecdotal evidence, but on the whole you are no better off than taking a sugar pill. You’ll be well just the same!
yeah like the other guy said probiotics are really pretty worthless. most probiotics are killed in your stomach, some of them are able to survive in small amounts to the intestines and can be a small amount of help if the normal balance of good and bad bacteria is out of whack (which it may be since you just got off an antibiotic; they kill both good and bad bacteria), but they wont do anything for bronchitis.youre probably ok to take the probiotic and eat yogurt because like i said most of it will be killed in your stomach so it wont effect the drug but itd be best to check with a doctor or licensed pharmacistand on a side note, ive never heard of bimax…. is it a drug thats sold outside of the US or just some garbage from a health food store?
Shaklee does carry a Probiotic that does guarantee the delivery of live microflora to the colon. This is a patented product only available through Shaklee.This advanced, two-product system uses new technology to protect beneficial microflora during the rigors of shipping, storage, and the acidic journey through your stomach. Other products claim live microflora at the time of manufacture. Shaklee guarantees the delivery of live microflora (500 million) to your colon.The two-product system includes Probiotic (Bifidus & Acidophilus…microflora) + Prebiotic (FOS…food source for microflora).This is very important when taking any type of antibiotic because the antibiotic cannot distinguish between the “good” and the “bad” bacteria – just kills them all which of course weakens the immune system.Hope this is helpful and best wishes.For more info or questions, feel free to contact me.
If your doctor is cool with it, then I guess it’s okay. Don’t stop taking your prescribed antibiotics–finish the course given to you by your doctor. I usually go with lots of yogurt while I’m on antibiotics simply because they are usually the only foods I have the appetite for when I’m sick.
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