What’s the dangers of hot bath water?

Q:What’s the dangers of hot bath water?
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To clean the water the government adds chlorine to the water and fluoride both are poisons, and become very toxic at the temperature we take showers and baths in. You absorb the chlorine and fluoride through your skin, breathing it in your lungs and you can get very ill doing the hot water/showers or baths if you don’t have a filter on your shower head.
very drying to your skin and when you have cracked skin in this weather, if you are from a colder climate you can get infections quicker as well as get sick quicker.as well for women it is more common to get yeast infections if your are a regular bather and not shower..
you might get clean and feel very good and relaxed and not want to ever leave the bathtoom and start being know as the bathroom girl
the only danger is that you might get burned. I use the water as hot as I can stand. Your body will tell you if its too hot. It hurts! And yes Your “naughty parts” will hurt first. You should be able to take a 100 degree bath with no problem just work up from there. your body is 98.6 so 100 is warm 120 is maybe hot. but the hotter you can take a bath the better for killing germs and removing dead skin..and even after a bath take a shower to rinse!
The bathroom can steam up to the point you start getting light headed and can pass out.
i think that it does not kill as many grems as cold water and also you are sitting in your own filth
You might burn your naughty bits
If it is hot enough it could scald you, otherwise there are no dangers
Besides maybe burning yourself it is also proven that bathing in hot water increases your risk of having circulation problems in your legs as you get older. Due to blood is attracted to the heat and your legs will fill with blood and stretch out your blood vessels and this over time will allow to much blood to go down to your legs but then have problems sending it all back up towards your heart. If you love hot baths right before you get out throw some cold water on your legs
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