A natural or OTC substitute for Valium?

Q:I have Valium 10 mg. and it works fine but would rather use something from my Health Food Store. Any ideas?
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valium’s really strong,my mom takes it.they sell meds online from canada.i was on zoloft,but my doc would only give me 28 days worth at a time,and I kept having to pay a co-pay to get the prescription + the prescription.so,i went online and did a questionnaire,a doc approves it,but it has to be out of pocket,but it’s cheaper because it’s generic.*sorry,your email don’t work.drugstoreone.com*
You should find this link interesting. Source(s):http://www.health-alternatives.jims-info.com/
Forget the pharmacist ~ ;-> a hammer is the answer.. a few good bumps on the noggin and ya wont even remember why you needed the valium. trust me
sounds like ur becoming an addict, and the doc cut u off from more of those meds.
You could try St. John’s Wort. But it would be better to use diet and exercise to optimize your health. The mind needs good nourishment and fresh oxygen. Something junk food addicts are depriving themselves of.
Kavazon and Calmazon are very good herbal remedies for calming the nerves and creating a peaceful sense about you.Calmazon Helps reduce anxiety and stress* Promotes calmness* Supports relaxation and sound sleep* KavazonReduce Anxiety and Elevate Your Mood Relieves anxiety and tension* Promotes peace of mind* Improves mental clarity* Helps relax sore, aching muscles* Any questions, feel free to contact me and/or visit www.rainforestsecrets.comPeace, Kathleen
The pharmacist is right. I used Valium. Now use Ativan. I’ve tried all the natural stuff. None of it worked. Valerian root, passion flower,etc.
no such thing, sorry Benadryl (or Diphenhydramine, the generic, which is also in Tylenol PM)
First of all, it depends on how severe your condition is. But it is managable:I have read that passionflower, chamomile, and St. John’s Wort is helpful. I would consult a physician that specializes in alternative meds because the dosage is different for each individual.
Not sure of the spelling but a plant called valerian[valerian root] is what you want to get hold of. Valium is derived from this plant in a concentrated form but the root itself can be utilized as a way to relax without the need for a doctor or script. Any herb store generally carries it but be advised that even though mother nature provides, anything can be abused, so be “aware.”..
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