What is a natural cure for a headache?

Q:I have a headache every day in the Summer–4 kids–no school.I do not like to always pop pills.Thanks for any suggestions,Mary Beth:)
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Marijuana. Too bad the authorities don’t want you to have such a useful medication. It really does work very well for migraines.
Lay down for 15 minutes with a cold cloth on your forhead and eyes. Just relax and it will go away when you do that
Need to find out what is causing the headache.. then see a chiropractor. Is what they do best.. find out what the problem arises from and then deal with it.
Diaphragmatic breathing and drink water.
Have a cool to warm shower each day and if possible just before you go to bed. Also drink lots of water every day. and get more help from your husband with the children Hope this helps
A few years ago, I started having frequent headaches. I went to the doctor and after a month and about a barrel of blood tests they found out there was something seriously wrong with me and the headache was just the symptom- not the actual problem.If you can, have it checked out.Excedrin is a great headache -the best according to me. The reason why it works, is the caffeine. So try having some Joe and see if it helps.Please go to the doctor. You just never know..!
I find it interesting that you notice that it happens more frequently in the summer. Anyway, there are many alternative ways of handling a headache. And I have a laundry list of remedies to try:Dietary:1.) Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water.2.) Make sure you a not in a sugar low, since this provokes headaches. (Since the kids are home, are you remembering to keep yourself nourished?3.) What are you eating? Are you eating more hot dogs, which have more preservatives (MSG, nitrates, calcium caseinate, etc.)? These can trigger headaches.Maybe some other food allergy?Nutritional Supplements:Are you receiving enough calcium and magnesium? Low amounts in your system can trigger migraines.Herbal remedies:1.) Chamomile tea helps a person to relax.2.) Ginger tea helps with tension and migraine headaches.3.) Peppermint tea helps (even smelling the essenital oil and placing some on your temples helps, too!)Homeopathy:This works wonders. I would suggest getting a book on homeopathy and reading up on it. Homeopathy works by taking in account ALL your symptoms (emotional, physical states). Better yet, you may want to find a homeopath, and discuss with them what’s going on. It is definately worth it!Chiropractic:Chiropractic adjustments help reduce my migraines. Even when I feel one coming on, I go to my chiro, and after my adjustment, I notice the pressure is relieved.Mental State:Try to get some Mommy time, and have a “Calgon” moment (or hour). Stress just adds onto the pain of a headache.I’m sure one (or more) of these suggestions will help!
accupressure, pinch the area between your forefinger and thumb and hold pressure with the flats of your fingers.
Smoke Marijuana and or use Hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is probably the best way to get rid of a Headache or a migrane.
Give your self a massage In beetween your thumb and your index, like for two minutes, take deep breathes and drink wather lots of water!!
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All you need you to do is drink a Gatorade, doesn’t matter the flavor, any kind will due.
Try rubbing a drop or two of peppermint essential oil on your temples. Just be careful of your eyes.
I don’t know if you’ve gone to a Dr. to have this checked out, but if you haven’t I would suggest that you do so. There are many kinds of headaches(Migraine, Cluster & the common Stress headache, just to name a few.) I suffer from migraines, so I know what it’s like to have a really bad headache. If you can get someone to take care of the 4 kids {Husband,Friend} for a day or even an afternoon, do so, & you lie down & put a cold head thearpy pack on your head & an eye mask on the eyes.Turn off all t.v.’s, radios or whatever is noisy & you’ll be amazed how good you’ll feel in a short while. SLEEP if you can 4 2-3 hrs. also. I hope this helps U a bit. Headaches are very annoying & can be due to many factors in one’s life.Try to find the trigger 4 yours(besides the 4 kids eh?) & then you can deal with them in a way that works for you. GOOD-LUCK****REBELCAT.!! P.S. I’ll be thinking of U & I’ll say a prayer that you’ll find a cure 4 your headaches soon. drink a lot of water.it will help.
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