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Q:I have Cronic Acid Reflex, and I do take Meds but sometimes thats not enough. But when I drink sprite it seems to help ALOT!! My family thinks I’m crazy. So what i was asking was does drinking Sprite help calm acid reflex for anyone?
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For me, if I drink only water, juice, and coffee/tea – I do get an upset stomach. Drinking any type of soda (even my diet/caffeine free) helps enormously.
sprite (lemon lime) is usually good at settling the stomach. Ginger ale should also be good as well. There pH probably has alot to do with it. One thing with gastric reflux is that the more fatty food you eat the more acid your stomach lining excreets to break down the fat, and that eventually effects your cardiac spincter which is why you have the run off as reflux in your esophagus. I dont know if cutting down the fatty food would be a helpful thing for you, you may have already done it. Either way, the best ways to calm your stomach in terms of home remedies is lemon, lime, or giger type drinks.
go to your health food store and try papaya pills, they are like all natural tums.. they work great.You may not have acid reflux.. were you diagnosed with this? Sometimes people get where they don’t have enough acid.. so soda might help
It may make you feel a little better, but it can cause more damage to your esophagus. It has carnination and some acid. Try using Pepcid. if it works for you go for it!
I have it and I drink Sprite or Diet 7-up. Believe it or not diet seems to work better than regular on 7-up only. I totally understand 🙂
What it sounds like to me is that your meds are making you produce too little of acid, and so when you drink the sprite, it aids in digestion.
Yes, and no. It does relieve the pain, but it is not a cure. Go see a gastronologist. They can do a test and see if it’s an ulcer and treat it accordingly.
thats funny coz, every medical literature that i ve gone thru always said a carbonated drink often worsened the codition. the explanation being that the carbondioxide released from these drinks cause the stomach to distend further causing more acid secretion and worsening of acid peptic disease.i guess ur relief is just psychological
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