Is there anything else other than lamisil for a yellow colored toe nail?

Q:Is there anything else other than lamisil for a yellow colored toe nail?
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No and it’s the most effective. The problem is, if you don’t get the one toe treated now, the fungus will spread to all 10. Just some friendly advice. Oregano Oil, apply it directly to the nail. It is also believed that consuming drops of oregano oil can reduce the yeast that causes this affliction. My Nail Tech. that does my pedicures swears by Vicks Vapo Rub. Rub it into your toes each night for a week and it should clear up. Source(s):My Nail Tech.
NO. Anything over the counter will not help. On the downside any treatment that requires an Rx will more than likely be costly. Lamisil is usually prescribed for at least 3 months and an average fill could run you guesstimate 200+. Pen lac will run you around 120 per month. What I would do if I were you is call my insurance company and see if they will cover anything in that line of treatment. Some will most won’t. If they say no ask if the doctor submits a prior authorization or medical necessity form if they will cover for you. Good luck. You need to cut the toe nail to expose the fungus -cut all the yellow nail off and let the healthy nail just grow back.The fungus is highly contagious and it can spread to other nails including your finger nails so do not pick and do not poke at it and then clean other nails, as you will spread it. VICK,S VAPO RUB MASSAGED IN TO ENTIRE NAIL NIGHTLY Source(s):YEARS OF GERIATRIC NURSING
Again Lysol Disenfectant works on any kind of external fungus.just spray your tootsies with Lysol every night before retiring, and let those footsies breathe.It REALLY REALLY works! PS- it takes awhile for this to work, but keep doing it. Really no way to kill nail fungus with creams, solutions.must have internal meds to kill it. Lamisil is good, but have your liver checked out monthly while on this stuff.very hard on liver, but normal people do just fine.3 month treatment.
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