Any Ideas For Ridding The Body Of Uric Acid?

Q:Prefer Natural or Homeopathic Only
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avoid proteins.they inflame gout.also avoid the nightshades{those plants that develop at night or underground..potatoes,tomatoes. carrots, beets, onions.eggplant, peppers}drink tons of water.and try B vitamin supplement..{help to flush system}good luck!from,a R. A. sufferer..{Lyme’s disease}..very.familair with joint pain, and a homeopath.natural is the only way to go! Source(s):
Yes, you need an adaptogen and plenty of phyto-nutrients. An acidic body is a sick body so you need something to rapidly change your body from acidic to alkalide.You can contact me for more information.
Water, I agree. You could also start changing your diet to include more alkaline foods to help neutralize the pH. the simplest way is water therapy as propounded by ancient indian yogis.drink approx 2 lit of water the moment u get up in the morning and have lotsof water all day. u shall urinate often and the uric acid shall be washed away Source(s):experience
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