Headaches – any suggestions on getting rid of them?

Q:I woke up with one this morning, sometimes fresh air help – but not this morning. My job involves sitting in front of a computer all day, and yes I have my eyes tested regularly – just a few weeks ago was the last time.I can NOT take anything that contains asprin or paracetamol, as this makes me really ill.
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you could try looking at your posture at work is the computer chair the correct heighthow old is your mattress and pillows i know that an old matress can cause backache i guess it is possible it could cause headacheshave you changed your diet recently i know if i have too much cheese coffee marmite or chocolate i get headaches ( there are other dietry related triggers for headaches)are you under any extra stress recently (good or bad stress)if they continue and you cant find a cause may be worth a visit to the doctor he/she should be able to prescribed something if neededgood luck
drink plenty of water and take a short break.
theres a product called 4head, its really good, its like a balm, and u glide it over your forehead, and it really soothes the pain without taking pills.
i agree with the water thing. you could try Ibuprofen and possibly tylenol.The HAead On product seems to work.You could get one of those things for the computer so you can rest your eyes or whatever they are called.Do you have any other health problems? It could be indicitive.but not necessarily so. If it lasts longer then 2 days go see a doc, ER, or urgent care center.Good luck.
There is noting worse than a pounding headache when you have to work drink plenty of water the headache could be caused by dehydration and try to take a break from looking at the computer screen every now and then. I bought the cooling patches that you use for headaches I cant remember the name of them but they come in strips and you can get them in any chemist, you cut them to size and out them on your forehead ore temples but in work I put it at the back of my neck so noboyd can see it, I find these a great help with my headaches.Also you can buy a spray that help soothe the headache
As sitting in front of the computer all day can cause those neck muscles to become sore and stiff, I started wearing a magnetic necklace and I don’t have problems anymore. The magnets help increase circulation. I wear it all the time now, even at night, and I don’t wake up with my neck stiff in the morning either.http://www.yourwellnesshome.net/headachemigraine.html
A cold compress to the head usually does the trick for me. I find the colder the better. Try an icepack (maybe wrapped in a teatowel if that’s too cold). Of course you can’t really sit at your desk at work with this though.If it’s your computer giving you a headache, you should make sure you have periodic breaks, and look at something else, even if it’s just to stare off into the middle distance.
I think headaches are mainly caused by the food you eat. Cut out the crap and see how much better you feel. I think that most pre-prepared/packaged food is pretty much full of poison. Taking pills to get rid of your headache only cures the symptom, when what you really need is to sort out the cause.
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a really good tip i use is pull gently on your ear lobes.Also, drink plenty of water, the most common cause of headaches is dehydrationhope you feel better soonx x x Ibuprofen is an alternative
could be stress, try some relaxation techniques, aromatherapy may help
Drink a cup of coffee every morning before starting to work, but after having your breakfast.
Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is notorious for causing headaches. I use Advil and a lot of water for my headaches.
Try lavender oil. A few drops on each temple will do the trick. And massage very gently with circular movements. Hope it works for you.You may also consider your posture, as sitting badly often causes back and neck problems which can lead to tension headaches. Try one of those foot rest things under your desk – it helps you sit correctly which may help ease your headaches.
I learned that eating certain foods set mine off, oranges, dark chocolate were the main things. Could it be something you eat or drink? Make sure your room isnt too hot at night, have some air circulating the room. Have you tried that headache stick that your rub on your forehead? its really good.
a good session of sex always works
Drink lots of water.
Best way to cure a headache is to find the cause and treat that – get rid of any stress in your life – take up yoga and meditation and just chill outl
You said that sometimes fresh air helps. What about your sinuses? Mold, mildew, dust mites can be anywhere and quite invisible in the cleanest-looking areas. If you look at a diagram, you’ll see that the sinus cavities are all around your eye area.I agree with the water, and trying most of the other remedies (try anything til you find a cure, right?) Surprisingly, if you cut out sugar, after 3 days you won’t be running for the ladies’ room every 10 minutes. Bookstores, teaching supply stores, maybe drugstores sell plastic diagrams of the body: skeleton, muscles and where they attach, etc.If you woke up with the headache, it could be tension of the neck muscles building up from lack of stretching (I won’t go into emotional tension). Try a couple of sessions with a massage therapist. You may discover hidden tension spots at the base of your skull and in your whole back. Since a massage IS expensive, pay attention, and see if you, hubby and/or a long-handled vibrating massager with a 6″ diameter ball-ish pancake at the end that you can buy in a drugstore can massage away any knots in neck muscles or the tendons that attach the muscles to the base of your skull and down lower. Learn how to “roll” your head to massage neck and, shoulder muscles. Look at that chart.Place the palms of each hand firmly on either side of your skull, then one on forehead, one on base of skull. Have one hand go up while the other goes down. Can you move your scalp side-to-side, diagonally, sort of sliding it over the bone? If you can’t, your body is holding on to too much tension.I find that taking off my bra works wonders after a long day – the straps give me a headache that I hardly notice coming on, but relief is almost instantaneous. No help AT work, unless you have a cubby and can discretely slip the straps down your arms a bit. Not very comfortable and the stress of being caught out can balance out the benefit!In the time that I’ve sat here at the computer, I’ve just had to roll my head around like a stringless puppet. At first, I hear squishing sounds. I repeat a minute or so apart until I don’t hear anything and I find that I feel better, even my eyes.
In order to understand what may be causing your headache, we have to know where the headache is. Back, front,sides or top of head. If in the front, it could be sinus allergy or infection. If in the back – may be neck muscle spasms or tension. Ibuprofen can help. If headaches persist – see a doctor.
Sometimes headaches are caused by dehydration. Drink loads of water throughout the day and see if it helps. I find it works at least 60% of the time. No harmful drugs or additives either!
Standing on your head. No, I’m dead-serious. It’s a yoga exercise. You force your bloodstream to change and that might help against headaches.
first identify the cause. is it dehydration? drink more water daily. is it caffeine withdrawal? do u skip the coffee every once in a while? or, have you been to a chiropractor lately? they can do an xray that will show if you have subluxations in your spine that are causing your headaches. the treatment involves no dugs. good luck, i know how u feel.
ADVIL – it works.I used to suffer from the same thing – constant headaches all the time. For me, i only use Tylenol when i’m sick, or have a cold, and my temp’s not right where it should be. It’s a fever reducer.and heck, i just learnt today lookin at the advil box, that is too.So, look into that. Especially the Liqui-gels, they work wonders =)If you can’t afford the Advil, look into any form of ibuprofen at LEAST 200 mg’s in strength. They Do come higher, but, i dunno if it’s prescription only. I remember when i had a dentist pull my wisdom tooth, i had to get an ibuprofen prescription – 800 mg’s a tab..2 at a time.omg, i saw colours that week lol.
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