Are there really vets who can deal with gunshot wounds ?

Q:this is just theoretical, but theoretically near Ipswich.
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When you use the term “Vet,” are you asking about veterinarians? Or veterans like military vet.? Either way it goes, the answer is “Yes.” asa veteran of several foreign wars, I have dealt with MANY gunshot wounds (AKA GSW). Also, the veterinarian down the road from me has had the unfortunate duty of taking care of animals that have been shot. As for “Ipswich,” is that in the U.S.? This forum is an international community.
But of course. Veterinarians study the same subjects that people doctors do. Gunshot wounds are just a very small part of the work of a veterinarian. I would expect that in war-torn areas animals are subject to a variety of afflictions which certainly includes gunshot wounds..
how did you get shot in the first place? or was it the dog that was accidently shot while doing a bird hunt?
Most vets experienced in surgery and other injuries and trauma can deal with gunshot wounds.
if animals werent shot in the first place, then these problems wouldnt arise! end of story.
You should shoot yourself in the leg, and find out for yourself moron. How old are you anyway ? Shaving off your cats whiskers. OMG, what a fool. Ask something normal, if you can fathom normal. ~~~~
lots of vets have saved animals who have been shot
Of course they can. Best place to take an animal with gsw is a vet.
I don’t know for definite but I would imagine there must be. If an animal was shot it would require treatment.
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