got asore neck any ideas pls?

Q:not sure if muscular or what
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probably sitting on computer too long ,i too have same problem
Remove head from bum! go to a spelling doctor you meant a sore
try using a hot compress then a cold one
Without my usual 10 minute consultation, no.
If you are sitting at the computer for ages that can cause bath for you,maybe deep heat on it too.
Depends.If it is an irritation, try Camomile Lotion. If it is caused by sweat, try medicated talcum powder.If it is muscular, try either a heat or a cold patch. I would recommend cold for preference in this weather.If it is inflamed and you are not allergic, try taking Ibuprofen.You will also find that drinking a couple of pints of water will help in this weather. Dehydration accounts for a lot of health problems this time of year.
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