FLU! Im coughing till i throw up, my body aches, and my nose wont stop running! Ive tried every medicine!?

Q:FLU! Im coughing till i throw up, my body aches, and my nose wont stop running! Ive tried every medicine!?
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Turn your computer off and get some rest!! how bout goin to the ER
Alkazeltzer Cold Plus works for me! i had that problem and it ended up being esophogial spasms ( i dont know if i spelled that right) from allergies i now take advair twice a day and i have a back up inhaler incase it get out of hand allergies are really really bad this year, go to the doctor they can work miricales sometimes. lol. good luck i know how you feel
IF you have had this set of symptoms for more than a few days, I think you should consider going to the doctor b/c these symptoms can be coming from something other than the normal flu, comething completely unrelated to the nature of what we all call the flu(which has no real cure anyway). The traditional things we take for flu are really treating the symptoms, easing them. I certainly don’t take chances these days with pandemics running all over the place. Hope ya feel better.utopianwizardyouqa.coms brainiac panel go to the hospital
You really need to go to the doctor. By the way you said it, it sound really serious. You may have some unknown disease, and this type of situation needs proffesional and medical care. Coughing till you throw up is very serious! So please please.watch yourself. Good luck! Tried going to the doctor?
Accept, first, that these symptoms are normal. They are the way for your body to stop the spread of the virus, and get it under control, no matter how uncomfortable that may be. Take antiviral herbs like licorice, if you like, and ginger and garlic and lemon tea. Don’t eat dairy or wheat! Homeopathy:-ARSENICUM ALBUM 30C Thrice a day half hour before meals you can take it at 30 minutes intervals initially3 to 4 doses till you start feeling relief after that just take it every four hours or half hour before meals !Take Care and God Bless !
I think you have either allergy or some infection. It’s better you consult a medical doctor and go for sputum AFB test to exclude Tuberculosis.Aches & pains are due to your strenuous efforts for coughing, don’t worry for that. Plenty of fluids, honey in luke warm water, Vitamin C supplement, citrus fruits, green vegetables, soup(s) etc can be of some help. Alopathy (medical science) has problems with allergy as there are bilions & billions of allegens ( the causative agents for allergy). Patients are in better position to identify their allergens, as they get worst or develop symptoms, when they are exposed to the allergen(s)/dust. Source(s):I am a medical doctor A cold and the flu cause many of the same symptoms. But a cold is generally mild, while the flu tends to be more severe.Some prescription medicines can relieve flu symptoms. These medicines may help reduce the severity of symptoms if they are started soon after you begin to get sick.For More Info:http://www.herbs-wholesale.com/Cold-Flu/295/1/Cold-Flu.htm Go to a doctor. You could have a bacterial lung infection or a severe case of the flu. Only antibiotics will clear up a bacterial infection.
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