Does anyone know where cud i find dandelion leaves Plz help me!?

Q:Does anyone know where cud i find dandelion leaves Plz help me!?
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I have found them in the produce section of my grocery store as well – and I shop at Food Basics here in Canada, which is a “no frills” kind of place. They’re usually found near the herbs and lettuces.I wouldn’t feel too weird, though, if you could pick them out of a relatively unused field somewhere – probably not your lawn, or near a road, because then they’re usually sprayed with pesticides etc. Somewhere with foot traffic only, perhaps.
I am an alternative medicinal therapist and they grow wild but I wouldn’t advise picking them, dogs and cats etc have a habit of peeing on them you are better off buying the capsules or liquid from the health store or on line at they will supply the raw product to you.Gloria(BSYA)[email protected]
They grow as weeds in most temperate climates , its the roots that are boiled then drink the juice, tastes horrid but you wont have anymore boils etc .
Try alternative medicine web sites. Also any websites that sell herbs. If you can’t find them there, try looking around public gardens. Wash them well and dry them out before using them to make any teas. They can be used fresh for salads. Good luck and blessed be. V-
Be happy to share with you.
You must be kidding.Almost anywhere weeds grow,there are dandelions.Just pick a few of their seed balls and plant them in pots and around your house.Put a pot over dandelions to get tender leaves.The ordinary larger leaves tend to be tough and bitter,but fresh green ones are tastier. Yes in my yard . You dig them and You can have them.
If you are looking for fresh, try your grocery store. They are wonderful with garlic and olive oil.If you are looking for dried try a health food store or try online…just google “dandelion leaves”
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