cryonics – is it worth it?

Q:Does anyone think that it can actually work? Does anyone want to do it?The people who have done this do you think that it will be worth it, worth the money?
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Oh Dearwhat does a power cut have to do with anything, you are submerged in liquid nitrogen, we are not talking about about a freezer you buy from Comet.I am Fully signed up for Cryonics and am also part of the standby team.I think it will work, you only have to look at the advances in medicine. At one time if you stopped breathing that was it. now we have resuscitation, heart transplants etc. Embryos and sperm are cryogenically frozen.It will be worth the money, it only costs a few quid a month for a life insurance policy.I would rather take the chance than be eaten by maggots or sent up the chimney.If it doesn’t work I will be none the wiser as I wont know anything about it.What is the difference in me believing that it could work and somebody believing in one of many gods. well, assuming no power failures,equipment failures (nothing last further than the warantee these days)Assuming someone is still alive to open the door in the futureassuming someone figures out how to revive people,im no expert but i rekon freezing yourself before death (or jst before) is advantageousI found all my questions about this topic were fully answered by the skyone show : Futurama (from the creators of the simpsons)hope this clears things up
Yes, Totally and without question it is the best thing since sliced bread. Don’t worry about powercuts, we have a huge bank of Duracells that we can call on.Dr Ima QuackCEO, Director and Sole ShareholderIcey Proles Cryogenics Inc Pty Ltd
At the present moment there is no guarantee that you can be brought back alive. In fact it is 99% certain that you will die in the process of being put in deep freeze, the body will only stand so much then shock takes over…even if you are anesthetised. I think the only use for cyrogenics is preserving tissue for future research.
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