Can u Get Pregnant sittin in some1s bath water after they had an ejaculation?

Q:Can u Get Pregnant sittin in some1s bath water after they had an ejaculation?
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I don’t think you can. since your a guy. and i think sperm die once they hit air or in this case water.
my woman got pregnant sitting on my face!
of course not! sperms die when temperature should now that ur a guy.good luck!
It’ll have to travel up some distance, so it’ll might happen like, 0.1% of the time!
No you can’t, but you still shouldn’t do it.
sick dude. 99% no.
no. only if the person ejaculated into you, that would mean having sex. The only way to get pregnant is by having sex or through a medical procedure – there is no no no no no other way ever. No.
I found this I think it may answer your question : Although it is unlikely, there is a small, small possibility that a female could get pregnant if sperm was released into the water. Sperm are very tough creatures whose sole mission is to make its way to the fallopian tube and join with an egg. A bath may not be a friendly environment for sperm but when you consider that the tiniest droplet of semen contains thousands of sperm, one of these really energetic sperm could reach their mark.There is a false assumption out there that if you have sex in a hot tub that the heat will kill the sperm. Anytime you ejaculate inside a woman there is always a risk of pregnancy. Furthermore having sex in water does not protect you from sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy. If you are going to have sex on land or at sea, you need to take proper precautions, which includes birth control and using a condom.
I think this article will answer all your questions dude:
theoretically it is possible but highly unlikely. It is similar to can someone get up the duff if they sleep on dirty sheets.I am certain it is possible as they can live in liquid!
That is gross.why are you doing that in a bath and letting someone else sit in it. SICK
and why would you want to do that?
The sperm would die pretty quickly in the water with the soap and all, so the chances are basically .001% or less.
why you sitting in the bathwater after someone jacked off anyway?
Ya Maybe
no you can not get pregnant after sittinmg in some0one bath Source(s):i should knwo that beci work in a drotor offica
No. Sperm is dead by nowRediculous question btw
NEVER No, and that’s gross.She said yes? Hmmm. . .the water would have to go inside. . .I don’t think it’s likely. You could definitely get diseases that way, though.
Very doubtfull hun. don’t believe everything you hear at school. lol 😉
no, but i can’t get pregnant no matter what i do. why? do you think you are pregnant?
chances are good if they are as retarded as you
No you cant, and dont be so silly
No of course not.
Hey, now come on guys! We all know that sperm can swim and are good at it too, BUT reeeaaallly they would have to be supper dooper all round olympic gold champions to manage that!
you’d have to be quick. and use a spoon.bath water will cause the sperm cell to suffer osmotic shock – it’s cell membrane ruptures and the contents of the cell are ejected through the rupture. this is due to the fact that sperm cells contents are salty and are bathed in salty fluid, the bath water being nowhere near as salty causes water to pass across the cell membrane (ie across the concentration gradient) filling the cell to bursting point with bath water.
They?? ho much? a bathup of sperm with a cup of warm water? no question about it
Sperms die if heated
No. You dont get bath water inside you do you? Sperm has to enter the vagina to make you pregnant. It gets there during sexual intercourse or if you put it into a syringe and insert it. Sperm dies when the Ph (acid /alkaline balance) changes. Soap and therefore bath water is slightly alkaline.
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