Do herbal supplements require food to be eaten with them?

Q:I know you have to eat when taking vitamins, but is it the same for herbal supplements?
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Depends on which herbal supplements. Some of them do, some dont. yeh It probably wouldn’t hurt to eat a little. Usually they are better absorbed with food.
Almost any supplement can upset your stomach if you don’t eat something before taking them. Makes acid in your tummy. Some herbal supplements are required to be taken before meal and some after meal. Food can not be avoided, where you are taking supplement or not. Food is must to live healthy.
I am an alternative medicinal therapist and an ex nurse and I can you for a fact that most of these supplements are usually taken with or after food. You do get the odd exception when you can take them at any time but it’s not often . The reason being is that, as the food is digested so is the herb. Taken on their own it takes longer to get into the system and some can damage the lining of the stomach if it’s empty. Feverfew is very bad for you to take on it’s own because it’s so bitter it can cause ulcers.. If you want anymore advice e mail me. But give me your full e mail address.Gloria (BSYA)[email protected] depends
Nice Question.Why are they called SUPPLIMENTS. It means they suppliment certain basic requirements of your body which are perhaps not sufficient quantities in the type of food you take.Herbal suppliments are no way different from the VITAMINS etc. Because many medicines are given in tablet form or as capsule dont think all are chemical compositions, there are many extracts of herbs too.So food plus herbal suppliment help you to live a healthy life. depends on the herb. always read the jar
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