How long is Methadone in your system?

Q:I am not talkng about Crystal Meth, It’s Methadone it’s for people on opiates and **** and trying to get of them so they get a certain amount dipenced a day.
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The half-life of a drug is the name given to the time it takes for blood levels of a drug to drop to 50% of the peak concentration. The half-life of diamorphine (heroin) is around 3 minutes. The half-life of methadone depends upon whether it is a first dose or a dose given as part of an ongoing programme.Single, first doseThe apparent half-life of a single oral dose of methadone is shorter than that in extended use. This is because much of the initial dose becomes distributed into the tissue reservoirs and is therefore not available in the blood stream. Following ingestion of oral methadone blood levels rise for about 4 hours and then begin to fall. The apparent half-life of a single first dose is 12-18 hours with a mean average of 15 hours if im correct it would be 3-7 days
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