Magnetic Bracelets – Do they work?

Q:Have a few aches and pains here and there, and I have been thinking about purchasing one of these magnetic therepy bracelets, but would like to hear from any one who has tried them.
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No, I have worn one for about a year, and I don’t notice any difference. But the bracelet looks nice, so I keep wearing it.
i normally wear 2, the other day i was walking by a magnet factory , and i flew up against the wall , i’am still there. HELP
aches and pains will dissappear with limu moui.
Ripoff, scam, fraud!!
Here’s a site that might help;
Quackery. Bogus. DO NOT WORK.
have themagnetie ankle supports dont work for me
I am researching this for my son. What he finds it it depends what way up the bracelet is worn, and this is confirmed by what little I can find about the medical use of magnets
i used to have very bad pains in my wrist and the only thing that helped was a magnatic bracelet, i wore it for approx 6 mths. that was about 6-7 year ago and i very rarely get any pain now…. Highly recommend…x Well i have one and keep gettin sucked onto cars,lorries,metal lamposts etc.. It’s embarrassing…
I tried some with the magnets in the shoe inserts. Didn’t do a darn thing to help with foot pain. Oh well.
It is in part bullshit in part truth. It is also psicological.
they can give you a headache
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