Chinese Medicine, what do you think?

Q:You see these chinese herb stores with all these wierd bottles of herbs in it.I really think Chinese are smart with there ancient secrets, but what do you think.Do you think all that herb stuff really works instead of using American drugs?Anyone had it work for you? I’m interested in knowing about this.
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I haven’t used it on myself, but I did use a couple of chinese herbs on my dog last year. He had bronchitis really bad and he stopped coughing in three days. I prefer eastern medicine over western as it gets to the heart of the problem and cures it. Unlike western medicine which just covers up the symptoms. I haven’t had the chance to use it myself because I’m too darn healthy!Oriental medicine has been around for thousands of years and I’m sure if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t still be around. The government evaluation of the traditional medicine showed that it had enough effectiveness to warrant not only active use and perpetuation but development. Today Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is practiced in allopathic hospitals, in traditional hospitals, in conjunction with allopathic medicine, and hybrids of both forms of medicine have been developed.”I saw a practitioner of chinese medicine a couple of weeks back. He tested pulse , tongue and took history. He prescribed acupuncture and gave me 2 herbal remedies. He told me I had a disharmony in the kidneys, I have read up on the symptoms of kidney disharmonies according to TCM and I fit the symptoms. Just wanted to share that I do feel so much better after this treatment, after 1 week. I have tried so many different things over the last 2 years. Cleasing and this have been the most beneficial. Just wanted to post this out in case anyone was the same. Main symptom was situational fear and insomnia.”That is from someone at info:“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”
I regularly use Chinese Herb Tea to boost my immune system and it works! (I am HIV+). Traditionnal Chinese Medicinal Herbs are not meant to replace modern medicine drugs. This is particularly true when there is a serious health problem which requires a quick remedie. But herbal medicine (Chinese, Native American or else) is more usefull as a preventive treatment over a long term. It usually also has the advantage to produce very little or no side effects at all like modern drugs do.
Even acupuncture is being accepted in the States now so I think soon we will find much more of their medicines showing up and being proven to work
Chinese medicine is widely used in Asia, not surprising as it’s the place of origin as well. It has been accepted and commercialized in the form of capsules, liquid, tablets as well as the original package of herbs. Its usages ranges from medicational to supplemental used. There are many paharmaceutical and drug stores that produce or sells them. You could even do a search via web.And yes, it works great for me!
i was prescribed chinese herbs by an acupuncturist as part of this chinese ladys complete treatment of a condition. the whole package, herbs, masage, moxibustion and needles did the job so i believe in the whole thing which includes the herbs as you can see. When you buy your own be carefful because the chinese have been known to adulterate their herbs with American type pharmaceuticals and you could be getting an unwanted drug unknowingly.sad but true
Chinese Medicine actually has four parts.1.) Acupuncture2.) Herbology3.) Joint / Muscle Work4.) Energy Work All medicine has its roots out of these four items. Think about it. The four ways we use it in America is with Knife, Drugs, Chiropractic/Physical Therapy, and Prayer. Granted we have basterdized this great system, but thats because we are willing to wait for things to balance themselves out naturally. Instead we want to force the desired result, even at the expense of other results.So – if you want Chinese Medicine, you must better define which part of it you want. Since your question focused on the herbal end – realize that asprin came from willow bark, Valium from valarian, etc. Even doctors are concerned about loosing the rain forest because they may hold the key to the next cure. Almost all drugs have their origins in botanical / herbals. Good luck finding out more. But caution – if you really want to understand it, you must realize that you will have to change your mindset – your way of thinking about health and healing.
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