Migranes in children. Are there alternative meds or dietary changes you can make to combat this?

Q:Migranes in children. Are there alternative meds or dietary changes you can make to combat this?
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fish oil is good for migraines (i would do 1000-1500 mg for a child, and they make kids flavored stuff… nordic naturals, fruit flavored capsules).reduce all potential allergens… dairy, caffeine (soda) chocolate, processed lunch meat (that has a lot of chemicals like sulfites in it)…you may also want to try chiropractic. ask around if you have friends who see a good chiropractor… i am a chiropractor & both treat kids & have migraines myself.
I would recommend eliminating any artificial sweetners. I use to drink diet pop and read an article on migraine triggers. I stopped drinking the diet pop and my migraine frequency dropped dramatically. I also agress that taking the child to a chiropractor would be helpful to see if there are any developmental issues that could be causing the migraines.
Yes, but you must be methodical about doing the dietary changes. Elimanate one item at a time…i.e. tomatoes…or bread…sometimes the headaches are the result of an allergic reaction….It’s not easy but try to recall the foods the child had prior to the attack. Of course there can be other causes and they should be investigated by a physician….but if they are from foods, remove the most common things first. Some headaches are associated with mental or emotional problems, and others from ear conditions….they are fortunately less common….try the food routine first….. reduce salt and sugar (ie, ready made, processed foods), and try more natural stuff- fruit and veg.stop smoking in the house.get out and do some exercise.oh, and turn down that STEREO!
Migraines are often allergy related it seems, particularly in children.I have seen a high incidence of chocolate, red peppers and wine used in food cause them in our kids… We have an allergy prone family!Pay attention to what the child was doing or eating prior to getting the migraine. This can be your first clue. Begin eliminating suspect activities or foods one at a time and keep a daily diary. It is a pain, but will serve you and your children well in the long run.Watch cell phone usage! One of our girls who had migraines and controlled them fairly well through diet, became a cell phone junkie. At the age of 24 she had to have surgery for a tumor in the third ventricle of her brain. Now, many would say there was no relation, but I will never believe it! If your children use ipods, bluetooth, cell phones and so on, don’t forget to consider their usage as a source as well!There are herbal remedies that seem to help with the actual pain, but your best approach is to try to locate the source! Meds of any kind, even herbal, can have their own effects and may serve to cover up the cause by treating only the symptoms.
for chronic migraine, give one pill each of cf 200, cs 200, nm 200 in the evening once a week for 3 weeks.
There is a functional fruit juice that has eliminated my daughters migraines and she no longer has headaches either. It is an adaptogen, therefore safe for all ages and tasty too!
Migraines are often a symptom of malnutrition or dihydration. Make sure your child has a well balanced diet and a sufficient amount of “good” healthy water each and everyday. Liquids from soda drinks or juices do are not enough, h2o is needs to detoxify the body and rid of free radicals that can cause choas on the human body. I also supplement my kids with Omega 3 seal oil and vitamin C.
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