Has anyone used Oil of Oregano?

Q:It is used as a anti-fungal, aids in digestion, great for topical rashes. Anyone out there tried it? If so how did it work for you?
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i ihave used it as a topical ointment for my mother skin on legs and feet.. well , sorry to day this didint’ work for her . Im not saying it work for minor skin problems . I think my moms was to severe….. the only good thing it made me want to go make a pot of spaghetti sauce! such a strong aroma………. do not use it and then go out on a date!
Yeah, it’s worked really well for me and everyone I know who’s tried it — but I’ve only ever used it internally, so (although I know it can be effective topically too) I’ve got no *personal* experience with its effectiveness for a rash.P.S. Go ahead and use it before a date — it smells good! 🙂 Worked great for digestion…also good pain reliever.
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