I bought some chamomile tea on the advice of some people on Answers! to relax and help me sleep but it did?

Q:just t he opposite! What the he*l?
More Answers to “I bought some chamomile tea on the advice of some people on Answers! to relax and help me sleep but it did?
i know that chamomile tea is good when you have a fussy baby and it wont go to sleep put the chamomile that you buy in the Mexican store which is the flower kind Chamomile has a subtle effect. It won’t actually “knock you out.” It’s just supposed to be subtlety relaxing.The other thing to remember is that everyone reacts to things differently. So, although Chamomile might work for most people, it didn’t work for YOU.I generally like to use herbs, myself, but you might want to try this OTC remedy if you temporarily find that you cannot sleep: Take two 25 mg pills of diphenhydramine (aka Benedryl). It’s supposed to be for allergies, but it also makes most people SO sleepy that it’s the main ingredient in OTC sleeping pills. Sorry it didn’t work for you. Personally, I would rather drink sweet dreams tea. And if you try melatonin, just remember to take it only a few times, as your body depends on it if you take it for too long. It stops producing melatonin on it’s own. Some chemicals have an opposing effect on some people. Try catnip as a tea. It gets you woozy in the nice, “can’t wait to sleep “way.I have been given real sleeping pills and they keep me up all night. All of our bodies are a bit different.
well i guess it depends on the person because i know ppl it works for.but it doesnt work for me either. half of the people on Answers, don’t know what the h.ell their talking about
Valerian or hops is a better choice. Also, short term, try melatonin. I have heard of that happening. Herbs aren’t for everyone. If you are into the natural supplements (which by buying chamomile it seems you are) I would go for a product called melatonin. Our brains naturally produce it too help us sleep. The supplement can help it there is a deficiency and also can be used for jet lag. Speak to your doctor or a Vitamin advisor at a local health food store for more natural options. Good luck
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