Home remedies for athlete’s foot?

Q:We’ve tried the over-the-counter stuff, but nothing seems to help. Any home remedies that might work?
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Hi, A registered nurse I used to work with, told me that they successfully treated jungle rot in vietnam with a 50 percent solution of chlorine(bleach). I am not a doctor, and cannot say that it is safe or effective, but she said it did the trick.
found this on the net. http://chetday.com/blog/2006/04/foot-fungus-cure.htm I have not tried it yet but you can think of it and see if it is worth trying.
Tea Tree Oil.get it at a health food store, or some larger grocery stores, and even WalMart SuperCenter may have it. Apply it straight using a QTip about 2-3 times daily. Usually only takes a few days, but do keep applying it until it’s gone.Be sure to dry your feet well if they become wet for any reason.keep them clean. You can use corn starch to keep your feet or other body parts dry if they sweat. You can also buy tea tree oil soap to clean your feet or body with if this is a recurring issue.
There are a couple of non-medical measures you can try – after bathing, dip your feet in a solution of half white vinegar and half water. After you have soaked your feet in this solution for a couple of minutes, dry them VERY WELL. You can use a blow-dryer to completely dry the areas in between your toes. Fungi like athlete’s foot fungus hate acid environments, and love to grow in moist places. So – the vinegar makes the area more acid, and the complete drying will prevent the fungus from growing. Tea tree oil is also said to be effective against superficial fungal infections. You can find this at almost any health food store. white vinegar, soak them tootsies, wear white socks, clean shoes. You might have Candida yeast overgrowth. go to www.oxypowder.com check out everything that the GERMANIUM 132 does. this stuff is amazing. Seriously.
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