35% hydrogen peroxide–need mixing info per gallon of water?

Q:also has any one tried this remedy with success and what for? this is for consumption by mouth.
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In my opinion, contrary to all of the misinformation and carping by both the uninformed and the medical/Big Pharma community, Hydrogen Peroxide (especially 35% food grade) is the single greatest solution known to mankind. I liken it to aspirin–how many decades did it take for the medical community to advise us that a simple aspirin regimen could help prevent heart attacks? Hmm, I wonder why? It wouldn’t have anything to do with aspirin being inexpensive and not patentable, would it? I think so. (Sarcasm intended).Anyway, along those same lines, you will hear nothing but downplay and even horror stories from the medical community and Big Pharma when it comes to Hydrogen Peroxide because they not only can’t make any money off of it (because it too can’t be patented and is so inexpensive to produce and buy), but they will actually lose money if people start using it more frequently for their various ailments and/or as a preventative regimen.I became intrigued by Hydrogen Peroxide when I instinctively put some store bought (3%) Hydrogen Peroxide in my mouth in hopes that it would help lessen the pain of an incredibly bad toothache. I have always put a capful of Hydrogen Peroxide in my ears when they felt clogged–with great success. So, I figured I’d give it a shot with my toothache. The gum around the tooth had receded badly and it was ready to fall out. Within two days of holding a few capfuls of Hydrogen Peroxide in my mouth a couple of times a day, the pain was completely gone, the tooth refastened, and I noticed that my gums were turning white where they had been receding–(i.e., like they were forming scar tissue and building back up). After 3 months of using Hydrogen Peroxide daily as a mouth rinse, my gums have not only stopped receding, but they have reversed and gone back to the condition they were in when I was a teen. Since then, I can’t believe what I discovered in the supermarket. Major companies are selling products for $8 or more for everything from teeth whitening to antiseptic mouthwash etc. and the only active ingredient is–you guessed it–Hydrogen Peroxide.This experience moved me to start researching Hydrogen Peroxide. After considering my own experience with my teeth, and after reading the various anecdotal experiences of other people who claimed to have been miraculously cured of even the most serious diseases, either by drinking a diluted solution of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, or by delivering it into their bloodstream through a diluted nasal spray, I purchased a quart of 35% food grade solution. According to the literature that I read, “Food grade” is the only hydrogen peroxide that can be taken orally. The regular stuff you buy in the grocery store or drug store has too many stabilizers in it that might make you feel ill. This 35% food grade MUST HOWEVER be handled with care because at that high concentration, it is a deadly poison and must be substantially diluted before using it for anything.Here’s how I use it. I mix the 35% food grade, 1 ounce of it to 11 ounces of water to make my own 3% solution–the same concentration sold in drug stores and at the supermarket. This is still very powerful and can’t be ingested. I just use this concentration like I would the store bought solution–as a mouth rinse, ear cleaner, and for cuts etc. I also used to put between 5 and 10 drops of the full strength 35% in an 8 ounce glass of water, and would drink it like many others who tout the benefits of doing so, but I made a personal decision that I would instead put a diluted solution in a nasal spray pump to avoid possible stomach cramps and to deliver the solution directly into my bloodstream through my mucous membranes. The nasal spray solution that I find comfortable is a 1.5% concentration. I basically just mix one part of my already diluted 3% solution with an equal part of water. I usually squirt it into my nose 2 or 3 times a day (a few squirts in each nostril). I have always had serious hayfever and allergies and often found myself congested–NOT ANYMORE. In fact, not at all. Now, also, while everyone else gets the flu and common cold, I never do. People have come around me infected with the flu etc., and I believe the Hydrogen Peroxide provides me with a heightened immunity. I have not even had a hint of illness or allergy symptoms since I began using the nasal spray. I have read many anecdotal accounts by people who claim to have been cured of everything from cancer to toothaches, and as extraordinary as it may seem at first blush, I don’t doubt that many people have been cured of serious illnesses by being on a hydrogen peroxide regimen. Have you ever wondered, for instance, why Magic Johnson all of a sudden has no signs of the HIV/AIDS virus? It’s like a big secret or something. I read that he went to some backwoods clinic in Mississippi and underwent intravenous Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. Not surprisingly, I also read that the FDA closed down the clinic shortly thereafter and is trying to shut down doctors who offer the treatment. The FDA, Big Pharma and traditional doctors all have a profit interest in keeping people just sick enough so that everyone in the medical community profits. I’m convinced that they don’t want any of us to know that something as simple and inexpensive as Hydrogen Peroxide holds the answers to a majority of our health problems.There’s a bunch of conflicting opinions on whether Hydrogen Peroxide kills free radicals or actually creates more of them. I’m persuaded by the literature that says it kills free radicals. When coupled with my own experiences at watching it knock the hell out of the bacteria that caused my toothache, and whatever it is that caused me to suffer with allergies my whole life, I’ll let the FDA, Big Pharma and the medical community knock it while I don’t pay them a dime of my money and stay healthy. Speaking of which, the only bad thing that the FDA or anyone else says about Hydrogen Peroxide is that it can be harmful if used in high concentrations etc. Yeah, no kidding, but that’s not an argument against its use. Overdosing on anything, from food, to liquor, to cigarettes “can be harmful” too.Finally, my mother has suffered with hives her entire life. No doctor or specialist has ever been able to effectively treat her. She’s tried everything. Now she’s tried a 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide nasal spray made up by yours truly–no more hives. mix it 50:50, do not swallow it though, just swish it around and then spit it out
ha it will make you trow up almost instantly i do it when my dog eats socks and stuff Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a water disinfectant. In the medical world it is used as a topical disinfectant. The FDA has approved 35% food grade <<<hydrogen peroxide to be used in a production of “aseptic” packaging for the food industry. The range of applications for hydrogen peroxide is steadily growing and H2O2 is finding its way to our daily lives in form of mouth rinse products for cleaning and healing mouth injuries as well as environmentally sound alternative to toxic chlorine based bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is also starting to be accepted as a healthy alternative to chlorine for water disinfection. A growing number of hot tub and swimming pool owners take advantage of the extraordinary ability of H2O2 to maintain water bacteria & odor free.Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) an unstable very powerful oxidant is water (H2O) with an extra oxygen molecule. It is a natural substance which can be found in trace amounts in rain and snow. Rain combines with ozone (O3) in the upper atmosphere. When the two mix, the ozone loses one oxygen molecule to the water and hydrogen peroxide is formed. Hydrogen peroxide is very unstable and breaks down readily into water and a single oxygen molecule. Oxygen is stable only when the molecules are paired (O2). A single oxygen molecule is a strong oxidizing and disinfecting agent. Hydrogen peroxide is a simple yet effect substance due to its ability to release this single oxygen molecule. Additional Uses For 35% Technical Grade Hydrogen Peroxide(To dilute to 3% solution – Mix 11 parts of distilled water with 1 part 35% H2O2 )To freshen kitchen: Keep a spray bottle of 3% H2O2 in the kitchen. Use to wipe off counter tops and appliances, it will disinfect and give the kitchen a fresh smell. In the dishwasher: Add 50 ml (2 oz.) of 3% H2O2 to your regular washing formula. House plants: Add 30 ml (1oz.) of 3% H2O2 in liter of water. Use to mist plants. Laundry: Add 250 ml (1 cup) of 3% H2O2 in place of bleach. Humidifiers and Steamers: Mix 500 ml of 3% H2O2 to 4 liters of water. Facial: Use 3% H2O2 on a cotton ball after washing. Avoid eyebrows and eyes. Detox Bath: Use 250 ml (1cup) of 35% H2O2 to a tub. Soak at least for 30 minutes 35% Hydrogen peroxide is extremely corrosive and a strong oxidizer. It can cause severe burns. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children. The vapor is extremely irritating. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and hair. Do not take internally. For fire or spill flood with water immediately. Toxic or fatal if swallowed at full strength.Caution!35% Hydrogen peroxide is extremely corrosive and a strong oxidizer. It can cause severe burns. Handle with care and keep out of reach of children. The vapor is extremely irritating. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and hair. Do not take internally.More than you wanted to know? Sorry
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